Cloud Apps for simple production data collection, quality control, and product management

Intelligent solutions for specific business roles allow your team to only use what they really need – and get more out of their work than ever before.

Product design and management 
Supporting product development and production departments in launching new or evolving products, to get from idea to production quickly.

Shop floor management  
A collaborative workflow between production management and the shop floor, for enabling production planning and understanding work done.

Quality control application 
Create consistent quality testing plans to measure the success of your production, the quality of your suppliers, and discover ways to improve.

Focused on individuals because every business-role is unique

By understanding each role's problems and needs, and adapting the interface to suit them, users can work better. Our role-based Cloud Apps transform your ERP system into a modern application, providing a more fluid and enjoyable user experience. You will run your business more efficiently than ever before.


Determine material and labor costs based on the product structure, calculate manufacturing and sales costs.


Organize and prioritize production orders, and track work in progress in real-time.


Start and stop operations and collect time and material requirements in an efficient way.


Define inspection plans, track and release inspection orders and analyze inspection results. 


Check the quality of materials through the various processing steps in a fast and accurate way.

Developed with state-of-the-art technology, these cloud applications with an intuitive user interface have a modern look and feel. With an easy-to-use and stylish layout, they ensure the best user experience possible, improving your team's productivity.

The vision for these Cloud Apps covers all areas of the supply chain management for SME. They enable more structured work, shifting the users' focus onto the goals.


Increased work performance with out-of-the-box solutions for specific business roles for a fast and fluid way of working.

Easy to use

Less complexity and a fast-learning curve through easy-to-use functions and self-explanatory user interface.

Quick to set-up

Faster provision of the services through effortless and hassle-free implemen­tation and minimal support. 

Simple pricing

Flexible subscription model with a 3-month entry point and simple pricing for evolving businesses.

“Build and Produce have made us more efficient as a business”



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