What does Hygge have to do with manufacturing excellence?

May 30, 2017

What does Hygge have to do with manufacturing excellence?

One of the latest trends to hit the business world is the Danish concept of ‘hygge’. It’s not about literally bringing the homely comforts of cashmere socks and a crackling fire into the workplace – rather, how employers can foster a sense of togetherness through the social component of work, and respect employees’ need for balance.

This is especially important – yet often overlooked – during any period of restructuring. As you may have seen in the press, Boyum IT Solutions and Swiss-based Beas group joined forces last year. Combined, we are the world’s biggest software solution partner in discrete and process manufacturing, and better equipped than ever to further our global reach and growth ambitions.


But amid all the changes that inevitably come with integration and globalization, we’ve taken great pains to maintain our Nordic company culture. Based on the values of family, social, fitness and excellence, it actively supports the wellbeing of our newly-enlarged family. We call it “Energy for LIFE”.

In our day-to-day activities, we’re very open and transparent and encourage our geographically-dispersed colleagues to cross-pollinate knowledge and ideas through social channels and various online gatherings. This openness has proved enormously helpful in unifying our two companies throughout the transition and, equally importantly, we are all able to reflect this energy outwards, to our partner and customer communities.

The true meaning of partnership

We bring the same inclusive attitude to our relationships with our partners (all 300 of them and counting, in 82 countries) by acting as an extension of their own teams. We do everything possible to keep our partners aligned and motivated so that they, in turn, take the essence of our ethos and enthusiasm to their customers.

We help our partners stay competitive with a comprehensive solution based on best practices and innovation, together with training and responsive support. And we often help accelerate their business by proactively identifying prospects whose needs are a good fit, since we measure our own success by that of our partners. It was due in no small part to this reputation for mutuality that we walked away with the Partner’s Choice award in 2016, to add to a number of awards and accreditations we’ve been honored to receive over the years.

Connecting with our customers

Equally importantly, our values extend to customer engagements. In today’s slow-growth manufacturing environment, it’s our mission to help companies to achieve sustainable productivity gains, whether they’re scale-ups or subsidiaries. We’re driven to always offer more than the standard or average while remaining affordable and accessible – making us the natural choice among our customers. That way, companies can focus on increasing their profits without disrupting their vital cash flow.

Having accumulated a vast amount of industry knowledge and expertise over the past two decades, we’re tuned into manufacturers’ short- and longer-term pain points and ambitions. Our approach is a considered balance of quality and functionality with simplicity and speed of implementation, so customers can gain business value and competitive advantage as early as possible.

It’s also about knowing when to respectfully challenge the status quo. We don’t simply overlay a solution on the way customers do things today – instead, it’s our job to reimagine how their business processes and workflows could give them better control over all areas of their business. We’ve also designed our software to be readily integrated with the subsystems they already rely on. This not only contributes to a smooth, non-disruptive deployment but, ultimately, a solution that will be easy for end users to live with, day in, day out.

Our company culture may not mean our offices are littered with cozy chairs and baked goods, but we’re confident you’ll find there’s a sense of arbejdsglæde – happiness at work. Energy for LIFE is what unites our people, helps us maintain work-life balance and keeps us passionate – all of which naturally flows into our partner and customer experiences.

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