How to automate your label printing for finished products in Produce

April 29, 2022

Do you already use our shop floor solution Produce and would like to automatically print product labels directly from Produce Operator after finishing your goods?

In a small or medium-sized company, you want to automate the production process and get a complete overview of the processes in production. You would like to see which production orders are currently being processed and need a simple recording of time and material requirements to simplify everyday work for the shop floor staff and to avoid manual processes and paperwork.

Also, no additional steps should take place when printing labels for produced items. These should be printed automatically as soon as the finished goods come out of production. If you feel that this is something you need, we have the right solution for you!



As the global leading software solution provider in the SAP Business One ecosystem, Boyum IT can address all the pain points in a very simple way and with easy configuration.


Our Cloud App Produce helps you to organize and prioritize production orders, and track work in progress in real-time. Your shop floor operators can easily start and stop operations and collect time and material requirements in an efficient way.

With Produce you can:

  • Organize and prioritize production orders
  • Provide production orders for the shop floor
  • Monitor production progress in real-time
  • Select and execute production orders
  • Get fast access to production relevant information
  • Start and stop operations and collect time and material



B1 Print & Delivery (B1P&D) automates the entire communication flow in SAP Business One. It enables employees to maximize their productivity by handling day-to-day repetitive communication-related tasks, such as emailing, viewing, printing, and saving documents and reports.

With B1 Print & Delivery you can:

  • Create Crystal reports to print labels with your relevant data
  • Configure with Print & Delivery scheduler the automation of printing labels
  • and so much more.

Want to see it in action? Watch this video, where we explain how to automate your label printing for finished products in Produce.

Download the complete use case and learn how Produce and B1 Print & Delivery can work together.

Dowload now and contact us at


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