How DEKA improved customer satisfaction and reduced order fulfillment time

June 18, 2024

About DEKA

DEKA was founded in 1940 and deals with Import % Trade of Measurement and Automation Instruments. Following a particularly successful presence in the Greek market, and always bearing the best customer service as its priority, DEKA S.A. in order to meet the challenges of the times, constantly specialized and always seeking to optimize its knowledge and performance. It continues to provide successful solutions across a broad range of shipping, industrial, laboratory and manufacturing applications.


DEKA S.A. faced several significant challenges that hindered its operational efficiency:

Manual time-consuming processes throughout their ERP system, scalability issues, and customer-related problems had a negative impact on their operational efficiency.

Their employees were spending a significant amount of time on tasks that could have been automated. This not only slowed down their processes but also led to frustration and burnout among their teams.

Boyum Solutions and results

Boyum Solutions:

To address these challenges, DEKA S.A. implemented solutions from Boyum IT, designed to streamline and optimize their processes:

Streamlining processes, enabling real-time data access and improving collaboration have ultimately benefited the entire organization. This includes improved usability and customization options, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that provides excellent customization features.

Ability to automate repetitive tasks and optimize processes is a distinct advantage, which standard ERP solutions may not offer to the same extent.



The implementation of Boyum Solutions resulted in the following improvements for DEKA S.A.:

Increase employee confidence and productivity. With more time dedicated to value-adding activities, employees were able to focus on innovation and improving overall business performance.

Order processing efficiency increased, leading to a 30% reduction in order fulfillment time. Customer service quality has greatly improved, response time has shortened, and they have seen a 25% increase in customer satisfaction ratings.

Nikolas Konstantinidis, Vice President at DEKA S.A., remarked on the journey with Boyum Solutions the following: ‘’I can confidently say that embracing Boyum products and partnering with TEKA systems has been a transformative journey for our business. These solutions have not only addressed our challenges but have also opened doors to new possibilities. The efficiency gains, improved processes, and real-time insights we’ve achieved are nothing short of remarkable. With Boyum and Teka Systems as trusted allies, we’re excited about what the future holds for our business.’’

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