Teresa Carles operating with traceability from end to end

June 24, 2024

Teresa Carles Holding have been innovating in the matter of healthy food since 1979. Now Teresa Carles Healthy Foods has more than 230 employees and a R&D team driven by passion and the wish to make their dream come true: improve people’s quality of life through healthy food, knowledge and technology.

Why did they need Boyum IT Solutions?

The company needed a solution capable of consolidating the growth of recent years and laying the foundations to fulfill the ambitious expansion plan for the next ones. All inventory control and logistics circuits were done manually, and full traceability is especially important in the food industry, as the detection of any incident to resolve must be immediate.

How did the software solution help?

They now carry out all inventory and logistics transactions with scanners, ensuring full traceability from end to end, as they are able to perform all inventory operations with barcode scanners thanks to Produmex Scan.

What were the results

  • All logistics staff benefit from the use of Produmex Scan – all movement registration was done and controlled
    manually before the implementation
  • Significant improvement in inventory control and increased productivity in all logistics operations

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