How United Sports Brands increased turnover and improved their customers’ experience

June 24, 2024

United Sports Brands is a global leader in sports performance and protective products designed to help athletes perform at their personal best. The company is a collection of unique brands – Spalding, McDavid, Shock Doctor, NATHAN, and KT Tape -, all dedicated to providing athletes with best-in-class sports performance and protective products.

Their products are sold at leading sporting goods, specialty stores, and e-commerce retail channels, with regional support in Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Why did they need Boyum IT Solutions?

Their manual warehouse procedures were based on
printed pick lists and no location
management, they had picking errors and a lot of time was being lost when looking for inventory or correcting errors in the warehouse and for customer

How did the software solution help?

They found Produmex Scan to be reasonably priced, and it was their ERP partner recommendation, SUPREMIS.

It was also important to them to see other companies in Poland using the solution.

What were the results of the implementation?

  • Significant acceleration of the generation of MM documents using Produmex Scan – previously the process was long
  • Thanks to Produmex Scan, employees
    know exactly where the goods are
    located – before that, you had to look for
    or ask someone with SAP access
  • Goods registration (receipt / release) is now
    carried out electronically, not manually

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