Improved workflows and efficient way of working for Pidso

June 19, 2024

About Pidso

The Austrian high-tech company Pidso Propagation Ideas & Solutions GmbH is specialized in the development and production of antennas and antenna systems and is also a one-stop solution provider, offering its customers everything from individual development to customized product solutions.

Why Boyum IT Solutions

For Pidso it was very important to establish a globally trusted and secure connection between data, people, and technology. Therefore, the company was looking for a solution that fits their values and enables them to build a stable, secure, and close customer relationship, not only with existing customers but also with potential customers. Besides improving the workflows, the usability should be increased, and a secure data connection should be established. Therefore, Pidso has chosen Produce, which is part of the Netronic Manufacturing solution and CRM for Outlook, not only because of the many benefits but also because of the good price-performance ratio.

“We wanted to improve and optimize workflows and increase usability for our employees, as well as establish and ensure a secure data connection, and I believe we found and achieved that with Boyum.”
Renate Jaksic, Marketing Manager at Pidso


Very good partnership and ease in daily operations

Pidso has been using SAP Business One for 10 years and is successfully supported by its SAP service partner ALLDATA IT Systeme from Vienna. Together with ALLDATA and Boyum IT, the company successfully implemented Produce and CRM for Outlook in April 2021.

With CRM for Outlook, Pidso recognizes the concrete advantages in the fact that sales opportunities and activities can be created directly in Outlook, which makes daily work much easier, optimizes workflows, and helps to work very efficiently.

Produce (Netronic Manufacturing) strongly scores with its dashboard and a clear overview of the production orders. This is especially very helpful for the operators, who can directly take over the production orders and work easily in the daily operations, thus also benefiting from efficient workflows.

As an aviation-certified company, according to EN 9100, Pidso needs to consider high quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Here, they have already had good experiences with Boyum IT.
“High quality, efficiency and effectiveness are important to us and we have already had very good experiences with Boyum IT and can recommend it. This is a great partnership and we are looking forward to further cooperation.”
Manuel Marbach, Head of Sales and Production at Pidso

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