FlashCo: product consistency and reliability thanks to more visibility and productivity

May 19, 2024

About FlashCo

FlashCo Manufacturing, founded in Sonoma County, California, has emerged as a prominent player in the roofing and construction industry. Over the past two decades, FlashCo has established itself as one of North America’s leading manufacturers of roof flashings and accessories. With multiple plants spread across the United States, the company caters to the immediate needs of roofing contractors, distributors, and top-tier roofing material manufacturers by providing dependable pre-fabricated accessories.


Challenges faced by FlashCo

Despite its success and extensive operations, FlashCo faced several significant challenges that hindered its operational efficiency:

Lack of Real-Time Production Data: The company struggled to capture and monitor real-time data from the production floor across multiple sites. This gap in data collection meant that production insights were delayed, impacting decision-making and operational efficiency.

Communication Issues: Without accurate and timely information, FlashCo found it difficult to communicate effectively with customers.

Reduced Productivity and Increased Costs: The office staff experienced lost productivity due to the inefficiencies in handling customer requests, especially when changes were needed for ongoing projects.

Need for Improved Visibility and Transparency: To enhance their supply chain management, FlashCo sought tools that would offer better visibility and transparency into their operations. This was crucial for streamlining processes and ensuring smoother workflows across all their sites.

Boyum Solutions and results

Boyum Solutions

To address these challenges, FlashCo implemented solutions from Boyum IT, designed to enhance data capture, improve communication, and boost overall productivity. The key solutions provided included:

Real-Time Data Capture: By deploying Boyum’s solutions, FlashCo could now capture detailed production data in real-time. This data, previously unattainable, allowed them to drive significant process improvements on the floor.

Enhanced Communication Tools: The implementation included tools that improved communication channels both internally and with customers. Accurate and timely information could now be relayed, increasing customer satisfaction.

Productivity Improvements: One of the most notable outcomes was a productivity boost of over 20% on the floor. The ability to monitor and manage operations in real-time meant that the staff could operate more efficiently, reducing lost productivity and the costs associated with making changes to in-progress work.

Deployment on Tablets and Improved User Interface: The solutions enabled deployment on tablets, providing on-the-go access to critical information. Additionally, new filtering options based on resources and the inclusion of text in BOMs (Bill of Materials) displayed for operators streamlined the production processes.


Results and Future Outlook

The implementation of Boyum Solutions resulted in dramatic improvements for FlashCo:

100% Visibility: FlashCo achieved complete visibility into their production processes across all sites, allowing for more informed decision-making and efficient management.

20% Productivity Improvement: The company saw a significant increase in productivity on the production floor, enhancing its ability to meet customer demands swiftly and accurately.

Matthew Froehlich, the Supply Chain Director at FlashCo, remarked on the journey with Boyum Solutions, stating, “It’s been a fun journey and we know that we have a lot of trailblazing left to explore.”

This statement underscores the positive impact that Boyum Solutions has had on FlashCo’s operations and their readiness to continue innovating and improving their processes.

For more information about FlashCo Manufacturing and its range of roofing and construction products, visit FlashCo’s website.

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