Celebrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion

June 24, 2024

As a diverse company, Boyum IT has dedicated many years to fostering an inclusive culture that respects every employee for who they are. 

Our strategy is a commitment to maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment within our company. Together, we will drive progress forward. 

Diversity is what makes us unique

Our workforce currently comprises 65% male and 35% female employees, with the percentage of female leaders nearly doubling in the past five years. While we celebrate this diversity, we also recognize the need for continued efforts towards achieving even greater gender balance.  

How are we currently performing?


  • Nationalities: We are proud to be a truly global company, with 45 different nationalities.
  • Age: We are an intergenerational company. New, fresh insights are key to driving us forward, while we also value those with extensive industry expertise and long professional careers.
  • Training: We are committed to fostering a culture of ongoing learning and empowering our employees through continuous development.
  • Gender: Currently, we see a gender imbalance in our workforce. While this is not unusual for the technology industry, we are working to change it. We aim to increase the percentage of women in leadership positions in the company to 30 percent by 2030. 

Diversity encompasses more than gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation

When we talk about diversity in Boyum IT, we refer to all individual differences that bring varied perspectives and opinions. These can include age, life experiences, beliefs, educational backgrounds, and physical and mental abilities. 


  • Millennials (54%): Our largest generational group. These digital natives bring innovation into our daily operations.
  • Generation X (34%): These professionals contribute wisdom, leadership, and a strong work ethic.
  • Generation Z (6%): Our youngest colleagues, Gen Z, infuse energy, creativity, and a fresh outlook.
  • Baby Boomers (6%): Our experienced Boomers offer stability, mentorship, and institutional knowledge. 


By leveraging the unique strengths of everyone, we unlock huge potential. Teams that complement each other’s strengths gain all the benefits of a diverse workforce. 

Embracing everyone's value

To truly reap the benefits of diversity, we must focus on inclusion. At Boyum IT, we are inclusive. We see our differences as strengths. Being inclusive means having a workplace that welcomes and accommodates individual differences. This includes both social aspects of how we treat each other and practical concerns like office accessibility and necessary tools for specific needs. 

As an employer, one of our key responsibilities is ensuring that our people have the best opportunities to fulfill their potential. 

Diverse identity should not determine success. When necessary and possible, we will adjust ensure that the right person for the job can perform well. 

All employees should feel respected, heard, and valued for their contributions. 

We strictly prohibit discrimination, harassment, and bullying in any form. 

​​​​​​Therefore, we are dedicated to ensuring that all potential, future, and current Boyum IT employees receive equal opportunities and fair treatment, regardless of their background. Everyone should feel safe, valued, and a sense of belonging, knowing that their voice will be heard. 

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