3 Ways a PIM System Makes it Easier to Handle Marketing Campaigns

March 22, 2018

Getting a new marketing campaign off the ground can be difficult at the best of times and seemingly impossible at the worst. They often require perfect cohesion between multiple departments, and even with perfect management this process can be arduous and costly. However, using the right Product Information Management (PIM) system creates a number of advantages that you can use to simplify the process and ensure that your marketing campaign runs as smoothly as possible. In this article we will discuss three ways the right PIM system will make your marketing campaigns more manageable.

The Power of Data Management

One of the reasons marketing campaigns are so costly is that they require massive amounts of data and information management. Product information like images, descriptions and prices need to be altered to serve the campaign, and you need to be able to implement these changes quickly across all relevant marketing channels. PIM systems have the advantage of grouping data into relevant categories and making management much simpler and more streamlined. With a PIM system you sort and group your data however you would like. This allows you to see your products and data in an organized setting that makes viewing and editing much easier for everyone involved.

Lead Time Reduction

Lead time, by definition, is the counter to efficiency. A high lead time means more time spent using resources on preparation, and more money poured into the process. However, the right PIM system can help by shortening the lead time, allowing you to focus your efforts away from preparing and towards making money. With the data management powers of a PIM solution you can not only sort out your changes quicker, but your marketing team can be included in the process much faster and your campaign prepared at an earlier date. Merging the development process with the marketing preparations combines two otherwise long delays and results in a shorter lead time with less resources wasted.

Exist Outside Your ERP

ERP systems are at the core of business management and are essential for efficiency in larger enterprises. However, not all of your data can exist within your ERP, and new product information needs to be managed somehow. This is where a PIM system comes in. While an ERP service streamlines business practices at a wide level, your PIM service digs in and allows you to manage product data at a level that an ERP service can’t. Data like product descriptions, images, and modifications can exist independent of your ERP and be easily managed by your PIM without ever needing to be considered in that broader scope. This encapsulation allows you to keep your work in separate channels and still maintain complete control of your data management.

Going Forward

All in all, having the right PIM service is one of the most essential and useful parts of managing your product information. It allows you to effortlessly manage your data and streamline changes that would otherwise cost time and money. With the right PIM service you ensure that your marketing campaign will run smoothly and be ready faster, with lower lead time and less work bogging you down and fewer restrictions to your maneuverability.

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