• The best product configurator to flexibly manage products

    It's never been easier to create quotes and sales orders with complete confidence


You're not alone. Most companies have to deal with the costs and headaches associated with creating custom products for their customers. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore! With Beas Manufacturing Product Configurator software, you can eliminate all the guesswork from product configuration and create a configurable product in just minutes!

The Beas product configurator has been designed for maximum flexibility so that it can be integrated into your existing SAP Business One system without any hassle.


Some products need to be custom-made for each customer. Once the order is added through the sales department, it will pass it on to the production team. It's easy to imagine how this process can turn out inefficient and inaccurate if certain aspects are not dealt with properly.

Beas Manufacturing product configuration minimizes losses and raises product configuration performance. It helps users enter all necessary data for a particular order and make it easy to produce. One excellent solution available on the market is Beas manufacturing – Product Configurator.

Sales quotation process optimization is another challenge for every company, especially those that sell products manufactured by others but offer customization options. In such cases, profitable product configurations are created only after careful analysis of all customized features and their impact on the cost price.

Beas Manufacturing Product Configurator software integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One, allowing users to configure products and give them a special price without visiting configuration screens. 

The most obvious benefit of Beas manufacturing Product Configurator tool is tremendous time savings. Product customization becomes available instantly, and all pricing details are calculated automatically.

In addition, you can store your company's business logic in this integrated solution – for example, to allow a customer to choose an additional accessory at their own discretion but provide a discount if they choose all three accessories.

In today's business environment, the choices a customer may make has become almost endless. Therefore, your company must continue to raise its customer service level.

Beas Manufacturing Product Configuration can work miracles if you meet your customer's needs. The program allows you to specify the exact features, materials, and colors your customers want for their products, and to show them the possible price variations before they make a purchase.  

Beas Manufacturing Product Configurator can help you better understand your customers' needs and wants. The program also makes it easier for you to customize products according to their specifications.

The system provides an excellent way for you to provide customers with the exact product they want. This will certainly give you an edge over other competitors, allowing you to increase customer satisfaction and build positive relationships with them.

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