Online eLearning Hub

This online platform provides you essential information such as training programs on the different products, containing PowerPoint slides and exercises and video recordings.

As it is important for you to move at your own pace, these eLearning courses are set up as a series of lessons that includes exercises, rather than taught by a live instructor. Go and start learning any of our products, when you have the time.

The advantages of learning in an eLearning format

  • E-Learning courses are “self-study”, consultants may access courses from their workstation, designated office PC’s, or from home at any time that is convenient 24x7.
  • E-Learning course sessions (training time) are typically 30-90 minutes and courses are usually completed in multiple sessions (total course time varies by course).  Sessions do not require ½ or full day commitments out of the office.
  • Provide training to consultants when it's most needed - with no waiting
  • Minimize consultants “out of the office” time
  • Reduce travel expenses associated with outside training classes

The subscription options

Gain full access to all our training material, for the entire year. Purchase an eLearning subscription. Calculated on an annual basis for up to 5 users, the prices are the following:

  • Bronze partner – 1000 Euro
  • Silver partner – 500 Euro
  • Gold partner – free
  • Platinum partner - free
  • Direct customer – 1000 Euro

If you are a customer and would like to get access, please contact your partner.

How can you purchase an eLearning subscription?

You can log into the Boyum portal to purchase an eLearning annual subscription plan.

We recommend your organization will setup an eLearning account manager to manages the eLearning subscription and users.  

First you need to login into thew Boyum Portal with your user and password. Then select the Shop > Purchase menu.

  • Switch to Purchase Services tab.
  • Choose “eLearning annual subscription – 5 users”  and fill in the quantity field and Add to Cart.
  • Important! Please make sure to write the account owner email in the Your Reference field in the Check Out page.

Once the eLearning subscription has been paid for, the account manager will receive an email with his access to the adobe e-learning hub within 1 business day after payment has been made.

Gold or Silver partner?

Please note that the price will be 1000 Euro by default. Therefore, you will need to request a coupon from your Boyum IT sales representative.

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