Meet Bas Stijntjes… Customers love his consistent product data

September 12, 2017

Bas Stijntjes is ITC Manager at REV’IT Sport International! – the Dutch designer and manufacturer of fashionable motorcycle gear


“5 years ago we switched to a 100% standard PIM system. This has made us able to tell our customers a consistent story on all platforms”


This is the story of Bas Stijntjes’ way of making customers happy – by handling product data easily.

Product data of 10,000 SKUs.

In 8 different languages.

For several sales and marketing platforms.

In the past Bas had a challenge:

Before 2012, REV’IT!’ was working with a custom built Product Information Management solution.

It was time consuming and expensive to make changes in this system.

Something had to be done.

Bas explains:

“We could choose to invest in rebuilding our custom PIM solution or in a standard PIM solution. We chose the Perfion standard solution, that is particularly suitable for our purposes
because of its flexibility”

Today Bas manages all product related information centrally in the Perfion PIM system:

  • Product descriptions
  • Protection features
  • Ergonomic features
  • Reviews
  • Prizes won
  • Images
  • Etc.

From Perfion all current product data and images are shared to:

  • Consumer website
  • B2B dealer website
  • Product feed for website of REV’IT! dealers
  • Dealer workbook
  • iPad Bulk order tool used by REV’IT!’s account managers

The result:

Consistent and up-to-date product information on all channels.

The customers love it!

Now you might be thinking:

But… isn’t a new PIM solution quite an investment? And it takes time to get it up and running.

True. It can take some effort.

Each Perfion user is different.

This is Bas Stijntjes’ experience:

Even though it took some time to recreate the Perfion database to our needs, as soon as we needed to make the first change,
our investment was returned;  no customizations. So almost immediately – within the first year – it paid itself back”


The trick is: (actually there are 3 tricks)


  1. Perfion works perfectly with other IT systems

At REV’IT!, Perfion is extracting data directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the Sana Commerce platform grabs all product data, including the data from the ERP through Sana’s complete integration with Perfion. 

  1. It’s future-proof

“Perfion suits and will suit every need we have in product enrichment and is in this way future-proof. We have been using Perfion for 5 years now and it meets our expectations perfectly”

  1. Bas can easily make all changes in Perfion himself

“We can make any change in Perfion ourselves or get the support we need. We can try things out and if it doesn’t work, we can do something else. If others have to build things for you it is costly. Perfion saves us time and money every day”

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