How to effectively enrich your product data

December 7, 2018

When customers evaluate a product, they depend on your description, specifications, and photos to help them decide whether to buy from your organization.

If that information is inconsistent or incomplete, it could mean a lost sale.

Verifying that your product data is complete and accurate is a huge challenge for companies, though. Enriching that data presents an even bigger problem when information is fragmented and spread across multiple channels.

A centralized database of information helps your business effectively meet the modern customer’s demand for comprehensive and accurate information.

[DOWNLOAD] How to optimize the entire value chain with PIM

The white paper “How to optimize the entire value chain with PIM” focuses on how to utilize the PIM system as a motor for a number of business value chain optimizations, and on the concrete gains you can attain in:

  • product development
  • procurement
  • manufacturing
  • marketing
  • sales
  • after-market services

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