How to easily maintain thousands of technical data sheets in various languages

March 9, 2022

As an industrial manufacturer, you undoubtedly appreciate the importance of technical data sheets. You know that such sheets should feature the technical characteristics and specifications of products, materials, and components in your supply chains. On the other hand, you may be struggling under the weight of expectation when it comes to the gathering and updating of product data for communication with international suppliers, investors and customers.

The manual sourcing of product data from the separate ERP system, extensive Excel worksheets, web CMS systems and InDesign files might be a considerable drain on your time and energy. You might be forced into delaying the release of new products given the difficulty of generating accurate data sheets that comply with the law and satisfy the expectations of your international customers.

If only it were possible to optimise the workflow of product data, so that you could spend the majority of your time on development rather than maintenance.

Efficiency & accuracy assured with the ‘best-of-breed’ PIM tool

Thankfully there is a proven solution for the maintenance of thousands of technical data sheets across a variety of languages. You can rely on the ‘best-of-breed’ Product Information Management (PIM) tool for the efficient and streamlined distribution of product details to the various online and offline marketing materials. Saving you considerable time and effort the PIM keeps all of the product data in one place for publication as and when needed.


The ‘best-of-breed’ PIM allows for the quick and easy production of product data sheets:

• With relevant items,
• In desired languages,
• With chosen price variants,
• For specific customers
• In many different formats such as
– Adobe’s PDF format,
– web HTML & MHT formats,
– Microsoft Excel,
– RTF (Rich Text format)

The creation of accurate and up-to-date product data sheets is a breeze with the PIM’s built in template designer. It’s a simple matter of choosing the desired products, so that the relevant data flows directly to the ready-made data sheet template within the PIM system – or into an InDesign product sheet template as the PIM also integrates completely with Adobe InDesign. You can rapidly generate product sheets in a range of formats (including Adobe’s PDF and Microsoft Excel and Rich Text), customising everything from the product description language to the currency in line with your customer profiles.

The single-source management of your product data allows for reliable product spec sheet design for on-point customer communication and legal compliance. You don’t have to worry about the potentially damaging impacts of misleading your customers with outdated product information. Prices, currencies, images, and text can all be customised in the correct languages and in just a few minutes.

Showing how to make a spec sheet with ease

Considerable time-savings and the assurance of customer-focused communication – it all sounds too good to be true. However, the long list of benefits is supported with examples from international manufacturing businesses such as the AVK Group. Previously they were reliant on the collection of product data from an ill-suited central database and CRM system. Now they are able to generate data sheets quickly and easily (or completely automatically) with the relevant elements in their 28 languages and with the chosen price variants.

The ‘best-of-breed’ PIM system is enabling the seamless management of several thousand PDF data sheets in all desired languages. There are even plans to use the PIM for the streamlining of the translators’ work, through the integration of a translation tool. The system will remember previous translations and XLIFF export files can be extracted and imported again after translation.

However, the AVK Group aren’t the only ones to have realised the transformative impacts. The specialist cleaning manufacturers of Austria’s hollu Systemhygiene GmbH have been able to reduce the time spent on creating a product sheet from 90 minutes to 5 minutes since integrating the PIM system. They now have a central, trusted source of information for all product information and image files, with an 18-fold increase in the speed of product sheet production.

The Perfion PIM solution

It makes sense to follow the examples set by such successful international manufacturers and enjoy the benefits of simple product data management with a PIM system. So get in touch with Perfion to discuss the implementation of the Perfion PIM today.



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