IT Managers: Be In Synch with a PIM System

June 19, 2024

As an IT manager in a growing SME, you want to enhance your team’s productivity by ensuring product data is consistent across all systems.

Enabling IT Managers to increase efficiency in growing SMEs

The IT landscape is expanding fast! With more communication platforms, languages, and product variants, it’s important to stay consistent as your company grows.

With a PIM system, you make it easy for your company’s employees to collaborate across departments and systems, as everyone has instant access to the latest data.

How a PIM System Helps you as an IT Manager

Unify and reuse data anywhere:

With a PIM system, live updates are made easy as all product data is stored in one place, and synchronized across all your channels.

Effortless Updates:

A user-friendly interface lets you refresh and manage product details across platforms with a simple drag-and-drop.

Seamless ERP Integration:

Connect instantly with systems like Dynamics AX, NAV, and 365, and enjoy smooth integration with other standard ERP solutions.

Flexible Data Movement:

Leverage an open XML-based API to securely transfer live data and images wherever they’re needed.

Quick deployment and reduced cost with a standard PIM solution:

When choosing a standard PIM system, you get a thoroughly tested solution that is quick to deploy, has low ownership costs, and is simple to use. This allows you to quicker enjoy its benefits.

Curious about how a PIM system can specifically benefit your business? Request a demo with us now, and let’s delve into enhancing your product data management together.

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