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In today’s global market place and extended supply chains food and beverage and life sciences enterprises not only have to compete with new market entrants which are changing ways of doing business, but also have to meet regulatory requirements while trying to achieve product margins and business profits.

To support such enterprises the combination of Produmex WMS and SAP Business One offers greater control, transparency and traceability across business operations.

Produmex WMS is an SAP Business One industry solution for regulated industries such as Food and Beverage and Life Sciences designed to not only manage inbound and outbound logistics functions, and internal warehouse processes, but offering industry focused functionality supporting distributors and manufacturers to meet customer, industry and regulatory demands. For example picking by customer based shelf life with FEFO stock rotation, and scanning GS1 and SSCC’s license plate barcodes to increase the speed of transactions and material flow through the business.

More than just a warehouse management system, Produmex WMS can be configured to operate on the shop floor managing production and packaging operations via touch screens and offers silo/tank management with specific algorithms for mixed batch consumption.

While flexibility of design provides the enterprise the opportunity to extended the solution via a number of industry specific applications such as Produmex QualityProdumex Weigh and Produmex Track, to increase the level of business and supply chain integration with enhanced traceability.


  • Warehouse, bin, zone, silo/tanks, receiving /delivery docks, picking carts
  • Hard allocation and inventory management
  • Goods receiving and put away suggestions
  • Auto replenishment, stock transfers & cross-docking
  • Deliveries, Returns & RMA’s, including Picking and Receipt from production 
  • Cycle counting, plus Zone, multi and wave picking
  • Delivery load and route planning with proof of delivery via Produmex EPOD
  • Inbound & outbound container management
  • Quality status and release management
  • Production Time and downtime recording
  • Touch screens, mobile RF devices weigh scale integration
  • Flexible label printing and reporting
  • Integration to Produmex 3PL for third party logistics 
  • Traceability and full audit trail

  • Support for GTIN, SSCC & GS1-128 barcode scanning and labelling
  • Shelf Life & Best Before Dates
  • Batch Traceability forwards and backwards
  • Customer based Shelf Life picking
  • FEFO & FIFO stock rotation strategies 
  • Batch Attributes e.g. Country of Origin, GMO, Organic 
  • Picking by Batch Attribute for sales and production orders
  • ByProduct and disassembly production
  • Vehicle Inspection Check
  • Produmex Quality and Produmex Weigh integration
  • Achieve the speed and agility your business needs to be competitive in today’s market
  • Provide management with real-time information to make confident decisions
  • Implement customer centric picking strategies such as customer driven shelf life
  • Correctly ship products and improving customer service level
  • Reduce product returns and lower the number of customer credit note
  • Reduce inventory obsolescence and increase business profits with FEFO stock rotatio
  • Significantly reduce paperwork and reduce data error
  • Lower the effort and time for picking while increasing labor productivit
  • Meet BRC and FDA audit traceability time limits of 4 hour
  • Achieve regulatory requirements for Life Sciences sector

  • Support for GS1 DataMatrix 2D barcode scanning and labelling
  • Shelf Life and Expiry date management
  • Combined Batch/Lot Control with Serialisation 
  • Batch attributes to record potency to support e-pedigree 
  • Batch and serialization traceability 
  • Produmex Quality and Produmex Weigh integration
  • Serial number randomization and aggregation via Produmex Track 
  • Produmex EDI integration for Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN) 
  • Serialized item verification, decommissioning and reactivation via Movilitas Cloud



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