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Our product roadmaps helps us share what we’re working on and share information on the direction that we’re taking our products in -  and we'd love to hear your feedback.

To kick things off, we invite you to join our live roadmap presentations with our product managers and the people who build our products every day.  It is your chance to hear from us our vision and thoughts on the products.


Recordings of Roadmap Sessions 2019 Q2

April254-5 pm CETB1 Usability Package, CRM for Outlook, B1 iPaymentWatch the recording
May34-5 pm CETBeas ManufacturingWatch the recording
May74-4.30 pm CETProdumex WMSWatch the recording
May75-5.30 pm CETProdumex ScanWatch the recording

Do you have any feedback or suggestions? Collaborate with product suggestions ​and vote for the feature requests you ​most like.

Learn all about the stages of development, maintenance and support of our solutions. 

Recordings of Roadmap Sessions 2019 Q1

February54-5pm CETProdumex WMSWatch the recording
February54-5:30 CETProdumex ScanWatch the recording
February64-5pm CETBeas ManufacturingWatch the recording
February84-5pm CETB1 Usability Package, CRM for Outlook, B1 iPaymentWatch the recording

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