Time and production data


A constantly updated overview of the work orders and a simple feedback of the production data such as times, states and quantities, e. g. via barcode, is provided by the recording of the time and production data. Data can be recorded via WEB and PC.

Additional Master Data

» Alternative collection terminals with partly reduced functionality

» Browser-based PCs, Tablets, Smartphones

» Industry devices e.g. Motorola

» Other collection and communication hardware/software on demand

Master Data 

» Human resource management

» Any number of shift models 

  • Shift rules and scheduling 

  • Rotation of weeks 

  • Automatic / semiautomatic shift selection 

  • Manually select shift depending on the settings

» Unlimited number of period rules with tolerance

» Special rounding rules

» Multiple flex-time counters

Master Data 

» Day models

» Possibility to specify fixed number of monthly hours or automatic calculation

» Set up to 3 idle times per shift type

» Rounding possible upon login or logoff

» Flex-time management

» Vacation account

» Unlimited number of user-defined attendance types

» Sick leave account

HR Management, Reports

» Manage vacation, attendance and shifts 

» Unlimited number of absence and attendance entries possible per day

» Create barcoded employee cards

» Present or absent employees

» Record all data in detailed entry masks or in fast-entry lists » Different configuration possibilities for any number of terminals (PC-based)

» Edit absence and attendance time

» Edit clock-in, clock-out data with change log

» Multiple statistics and reports 

  • Overview and detailed reports of presence, absence of groups or individuals 

  • Statistics about productivity / overhead of groups or individuals

Additional Master Data

» Time types can be allocated to

  • Productive time

  • Downtime

  • Overhead costs

  • Set up / Runtime

  • Pay type (e.g. regular or overtime)

  • Cost centre, work centre (machine)

» Mandatory entries with rules / definitions


Reporting of Production Orders

» Report labor time

  • Part, end or in-process message type

» Linked to attendance recording considering time models

» Additional reports for:

  • First pass quality

  • Scrap

  • External operations

  • Assignment / reassignment of cost centres

» Terminal control in production, display order, queue by machine / machine group

» Record orders and operations using barcode

» Start and end time or duration

» Based on attendance, shift rules and idle times taking into consideration downtimes and breakdown periods start and end time are automatically calculated

  • On multiple machines

  • On multiple word orders

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