Project management

Beas Manufacturing provides a powerful project management module, which provides transparency on tasks, budgets and activities, to have the possibility to control and adapt processes.

Watch this video and see how to work with the Projects module in Beas Manufacturing, covering how to setup a project and how to work with existing projects.


Project cockpit 

» Multi-level project structures

» Comprehensive access to tasks, activities and areas like budget, purchasing, sales, production, service, attachments (documents) with project-related information

» Seamlessly from overviews to single documents

Platform of business processes like

» Product development, prototype construction

» Projects, engineer-to-order / mixed-manufacturing

» Constructions / installations on site, service, maintenance

Key functions / benefits

» Scalable from simple to complex project structures

» Definition of simple projects with tasks, milestones and resources until networks including engineering, production, suppliers and customers

» Multi-level budgets at level project, collection of all documents from sales, purchasing, internal / external manufacturing, services and all sorts of costs / expense

» Multi-level scheduling, can be addressed according to the needs

» Tasks, milestones, detailed plans, MRPI / MRPII, APS (advanced planning and scheduling)

» Bar and gantt charts 

» Budget and controlling

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