Mobility and availability of data capture applications on sophisticated handheld mobile devices or access through simple smartphones or tablets. 

There are terminal applications for Factory Data Collection also in web version, which facilitate the mobility, availability and ease of use for shop floor workers, easy access from sophisticated industrial handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets, helping these devices to facilitate data entry.


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Key functions and benefits for Beas Manufacturing Web Apps

General key functions and benefits:

  • Does not require client installation, easy configuration
  • Multi-language and configurable by user
  • Available in Android, iOS mobiles or Desktop PC using a browser
  • Responsive apps, adapting information according to the screen size
  • Better usability with GS1-128 support
  • Support on multiple lines, batches and serial numbers for the same document
  • Faster and more simple way to register information
  • SAP and WMS bin warehouse support

Available data capture terminal applications related to work order transactions:

  • WO Start - Stop to report time receipts
  • WO Time receipt
  • WO Goods issue or goods receipt
  • WO Backflushing
  • Start / Stop interruptions

Possibility of warehouse management with the following transactions:

Additional apps that are available:

  • Inventory information: Inventory history; Batch / Serial information and warehouse stock
  • Attendance: Log on / Log Off
  • QC data capture: available soon, in second half of 2020

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