Business Performance

Budget / multi-tenancy

» Budgeting of cost types/groups, comparison of plan/actual

» Copy to new tenancies, simulations, take-over of actual data as new basis for budget

Dashboard Analysis

» provides the ‘inside view’ at the business processes - as basis for continuous improvements Analysis (e.g. productivity, profitability, quality control, lean manufacturing, other)

» External supplier analysis

» Quality control costs

» Productivity of resources

» Production performance actual vs. planned

» Cost object controlling

» Trends

Cost type, cost center calculation

» Collection of transactions (quantities and values) from accounting, manufacturing, salaries

Structure, distribution, apportionment of fix and variable costs

» Cost types, cost centers, groupings, distribution and       apportionment keys

» Free definable structures, groupings, aggregations

» Calculation of hourly rates (full and marginal costs) for calculation and direct costing

Cost objects, profit and loss, contribution accounting, process costing

» Definition of cost objects, e.g. lines of products

» Profit and loss statements per line of product revenues from accounting)

» Flexible structure, multi-level contribution accounting, contributions for product calculation 

» Calculations of process-based costs consideration of transaction data)

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