Beas Manufacturing Additional Functions include

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

The APS complements the planning functions of the Beas Basic license with further functions for detailed planning. New or existing work order positions are calculated using predefined calculation types. 

Project Management

Beas Manufacturing provides a powerful project management module, which provides transparency on tasks, budgets and activities, to have the possibility to control and adapt processes.

Business Performance

Budgeting of cost types/groups, comparison of plan/actual, Copy to new tenancies, simulations, take-over of actual data as new basis for budget.

Product Configurator

The product configurator enables you to manage product variants - for example, in the creation of a quotation or sales order the user can be guided through a simple wizard to configure, calculate and integrate the products.


With Beas for maintenance you get a fully integrated maintenance solution and avoid unplanned production downtime. Increase the availability of your plant by planning downtime and taking them into account in your production plan.

Time & Production Data

A constantly updated overview of the work orders and a simple feedback of the production data such as times, states and quantities, e. g. via barcode, is provided by the recording of the time and production data.

Mobile & Web Modules

There are several WEB applications integrated in Beas for professional use, which are very easy to install and configure.

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