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Counterfeiting has turned into a huge global problem over the past years. With its reported worldwide size of $690 Billion annually it represents a major threat to governments, a variety of industries and, last but not least, the health and security of consumers. Also in the healthcare and life sciences industries, drug counterfeiting has become a major challenge for companies to protect their R&D investments, revenues and the safety of their patients.

To combat drug counterfeiting, governments, regulatory bodies and industries are in the process of defining and implementing evolving regulations and measures that should ensure the integrity of the supply chain. Serialization of individual items and the capability to track & trace these at item level throughout the supply chain, can provide the answer to ensure the authenticity and safety of drugs from manufacturer to the individual patient.

In this context Produmex has developed a Serialization, Tracking and Tracing solution specifically intended for Small and Midsized Enterprises (SME) and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) in the Life Sciences Industries.

Produmex Track is a packaged software solution that allows enterprises to integrate their administrative business processes with the logistics and production processes of their warehouse and production locations. By capturing and recording all relevant information (serial numbers, batch/lot numbers, batch attributes, etc.) throughout the inbound, internal, production and outbound logistics processes, Produmex Track can ensure full tracking, tracing and compliance with the current and evolving country legislations.

Key benefits on Produmex Track

Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Production order management for batch managed and/or serial number managed items

Improved customer service

Report results of a verification process, after the production of a batch

Full traceability and identification of recipients

Analysis of serial number operations (e.g. creation or aggregation) reported to regulating authorities

100% delivery accuracy

Flexible bin locations and zone management 

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