Encompassing the electronic data interchange process

Produmex EDI interface allows for the Electronic Data Interchange of a variety of documents between supply chain partners. In this context the Produmex EDI interface provides the technical basis for electronic trading between two entities, either internal or external.

Produmex EDI interface encompasses the entire electronic data interchange process, including the transmission, message flow and document format.

Key benefits on Produmex EDI

Reduction of the handling costs of sorting, distributing, organizing and searching paper documents

Storing & manipulating data electronically without the cost of manual entry

Support for a variety of documents, including Advance Shipping Noticifcations 

Speed of information exchange between supply chain partners' systems thus greatly reducing cycle times

Reduction or elimination of manual data entry errors

Replacement of information flows that require a great deal of human interaction and paper documents

Features in Produmex EDI

  • Manual or automatic import or export of electronic documents
  • Support for a variety of documents, including ASN – Advance Shipping Notifications
  • Purchase orders and goods receipts
  • Sales orders and sales order confirmations
  • Deliveries, invoices and credit notes
  • Warehouse transfers and stock levels
  • Quality changes
  • Item and business partner master data
  • Task scheduling for incoming and outgoing messages
  • Automatic document creation triggered by events
  • Interface monitor for status of imports and exports
  • Configuration possibilities for various message formats
  • Peer-to-peer communication or communication via VANs (Value Added Networks) e.g. GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network)

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