Offering flexibility to specific address customer requests

Produmex 3PL for SAP Business One is an extension to Produmex WMS supporting trading partner integration via Produmex EDI and customer invoicing for third-party logistic providers.

Flexible and configurable to meet specific customer service levels and agreements, Produmex 3PL supports numerous cost calculation methods, based on logistics trans-actions and storage bin location usage. Price lists and associated discounts based on storage location types for example bulk, cold and freezer storage, are used to generate accurate invoices. Therefore improving invoicing accuracy, reducing credit notes and increasing customer service levels, and business profitability

Produmex 3PL is a highly configurable solution offering flexibility to address specific customer agreements and requests, plus electronic trading partner integration via Produmex EDI and a B2B customer portal.

Key benefits on Produmex 3PL

Improve customer invoice accuracy therefore reducing credit notes

FEFO picking strategies to improve stock rotation and reduce inventory obsolescence

Automatic invoice processing, therefore reducing time and labor effort

Inventory visibility thus increasing customer service levels

Conditioned storage zone management therefore reducing cross contamination & product waste

Trading partner integration, reducing paperwork and eliminating data errors

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