A Warehouse management system helps you transform your logistics processes

Warehouse management with Produmex WMS is a complete  solution for SAP Business One that transforms your logistics processes into finely-tuned operations that drive productivity and profitability in your supply-chain. The warehouse management system supports multiple warehouses and operators, processing high volumes of transactions all while maintaining high performance.

Today most companies are part of a global supply chain that requires speed, agility, traceability and often times compliance. Warehouse management delivers core warehouse functionality while remaining adaptable.

The strength of Warehouse management lies in its complete coverage of requirements. From simple inventory transaction processes, to license plate support, to customer focused inventory allocation strategies. Sophisticated batch attribute management, and the complete backward and forward traceability provided by Warehouse management with Produmex WMS enables customers to become fully compliant quickly and easily.

Warehouse management supports multiple warehouses and operators, processing high volumes of transactions all while maintaining high performance.

With a Warehouse management system you also get a scanner, which makes you become 10 times faster than manual transactions. Processing more transactions with higher accuracy increases productivity in all areas of the warehouse. 

"We opted for SAP Business One. It’s a very practical package containing warehouse everything you could dream of, including all sorts of add-ons such as CRM, Core Suite and Produmex’s PDMX WMS. Everyone has real-time information about customers, invoices, deliveries and available products, but the biggest benefit comes from it's integration with our new website.”

Frank Cesar, Managing Director of VitaMed

“With implementing the Produmex WMS batch picking, the multi-picking we doubled our pick productivity. And our pack productivity increased by 25% by moving to the new building and new packing process. By implementing “pick in a box” process, the time needed for processing an order from start to pick to finally having it packed and putting in on the conveyor belt for sorting, reduces by 40%.” 

Bas Lemmers, CEO, FittinQ, Holland

“Before SAP Business One and Produmex WMS, we had to rebuild our system once a year. We didnt have a real-time view of our inventory, we didn't have visibility and we where just not organized. But now we do have real-time inevntory data, visibilityand we are now organized. ”

Silvia Garcia, President & CEO, Tolteca Foods, Mexico

Quickly and easily tailor your data and process needs

Using familiar Boyum tools you can readily adapt screens, labels and processing in your warehouse to meet your special requirements.

Proven implemetation methodology

Superior documentation, training videos and unparalleled support make it possible for your SAP partner to get you up and running quickly – gaining the benefits of Produmex WMS in minimal time.

Key benefits for Warehouse management with Produmex WMS


Reduce inventory and operation costs


Increase customer satisfaction with improved compliance



Barcode scanning delivers greater accuracy than manual transactions.



Complete real-time integration provides instant visibility and traceability

5 specific add-on modules on Produmex WMS

Produmex Weigh

A weighing and dispensing solution for SAP Business One designed for regulated industries such as Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals.

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Produmex Track

A packaged software solution that allows enterprises to integrate their administrative business processes with the logistics and production processes of their warehouse and production locations.

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Produmex Connect

A weight scale interface allowing the connection of a variety of scales via various communication protocols to the Produmex Weigh application.

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Produmex 3PL

An extension to Produmex WMS supporting trading partner integration via Produmex EDI and customer invoicing for third-party logistic providers.

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Produmex EDI

This interface allows for the Electronic Data Interchange of a variety of documents between supply chain partners

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