• Boyum Cloud
    Role-based cloud applications that are quick to set up
    and easy to use


Intelligent solutions for specific business roles let your employees only use what they really need – and get more out of their work than ever before.

Boyum Cloud is a suite of lean cloud applications that are role-based, quick to set up, and easy to use. Focused on specific business roles, their problems, and needs, and adapting the interface to suit them, users can work in a way that fits their needs.

With a modern look & feel and its self-explanatory user-interface, Boyum Cloud provides the best possible user experience and a fast learning curve, improving employee productivity.

Besides, Boyum Cloud’s browser-based extensions are quick to set up, require no installation yet comprehensive in functionality combining customer satisfaction, effortless implementations, and minimal support.


Out-of-the-box solutions for specific business roles for a productive and fluid way of working.

Less complexity through easy-
to-use functionality and self-explanatory user interface.

Effortless and hassle-free implementation for a quick

Flexible and affordable licensing model starting with 3-month subscription, and compatible with all SAP Business One license types.

Supporting product development and production departments in launching new or evolving products, to get from idea to production quickly.

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A collaborative workflow between production management and the shop floor, for enabling production planning and understanding work done.

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Build consistent quality testing plans to measure the success of your production, the quality of your suppliers, and discover ways to improve.

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