Increase your efficiency, reduce your error rate and your operating costs drastically, all through complete automation of logistic processes and real-time information.

Produmex WMS for SAP Business One is the most trusted global warehouse management system for small and mid-sized businesses, an industry solution to manage inbound & outbound logistics functions and offering industry-focused functionality supporting distributors & manufacturers to meet customer, industry, and regulatory demands.

Customers that have seen a great ROI were experiencing many challenges before implementing Produmex WMS. Here are only some of them:

  • Warehouse is managed using out-of-date tools resulting in many errors and inaccurate inventory
  • Processes are running manually with a lot of paperwork and employees lack trust in the data
  • Current system does not have a complete integration to SAP Business One
  • No real-time information which makes it hard to analyze the necessary data and make the right decisions
  • You are overstocking to prevent out of stocks, but raw materials turn absolute and was written off
  • Batch and Serial tracking and traceability is difficult and very labor and paper-intensive
  • Current system is not able to meet the evolving requirements and market demands
  • Lack of information and support of the operations of the company

The list of challenges goes on and on.

Produmex WMS adherence to SAP AIM or Accelerated Implementation Methodology that is used by over 600 worldwide customers. We work with over 620 global partners/resellers that receive support from more than 9 Boyum IT locations worldwide.



Inbound and Outbound Logistics

Produmex WMS facilitates inbound transactions, such as container and PO receiving, pallet build and directed put-away, as well as outbound transactions such as pick management (including picking with shelf-life considerations), inventory allocation, and shipping.


Inventory Management

Easy processing of non-tracked as well as Batch and Serial transactions
combined with a flexible warehouse, zone, bin structure
to help achieve near 100 percent inventory accuracy
on not just a quantity basis but a location-by-location level.


Barcode Scanning

Winning your customer’s trust these days is quite challenging, that is why it is critical to deliver fast and flawless fulfillment to compete in today’s market.

Produmex WMS includes a scanning device, that is 10 times faster than manual transactions. Processing more transactions with higher accuracy increase productivity in all areas of the warehouse.


Quality Management and End to End Traceability

Quality management and registration to change and document the quality status of products: quarantined, released, blocked, rejected, and more.

Produmex WMS Supports bidirectional traceability – backward as well as forwards. You have unlimited batch attributes, to register information that is critical to achieving electronic traceability.

Track and trace products throughout the supply chain, whether by item code, barcode, batch number, and more including visibility of ingredients used to produce the batch/lot, movements, stock levels.

Full GSI Support

Full GS1 support to easily identify product and cases throughout your inbound, internal, and outbound logistics processes

Provides a consistent, end-to-end traceability record, so that in the event of a food safety issue, such as a recall, you can take swift, precise action.

Capture extended products information, including batch numbers, best before dates, and shelf-life information

Shelf-life Management

Rule-based FEFO picking strategy to automatically generate a picklist based on the first product to expire, regardless of the date of entry/acquisition.

Powerful demand planning to control food waste and minimize loss —shipping or producing the right items at the right time.

Surveying shelf-lives of all ingredients and automatically alerted when a product is nearing the end of its use-by date.

Flexible Picking Methods

Picking the right warehouse picking method can directly influence your customers’ satisfaction. Produmex WMS lets you choose the right picking method and ultimately, reduce the picking cost which directly influences your company’s bottom line.

Produmex WMS allows for multiple picking strategies:  among them is FEFO picking to reduce waste through expiry date monitoring as well as multiple FIFO picking strategies, including multi-picking, customer-collect picking, picking by delivery route, zone picking, pick-in-box, and more.


Real-Time Inventory and Reports

Identify the fast-moving inventory so you can keep it located closest to your packing stations, reducing fill times on those small or standard orders.

Reliable and up-to-date information about inbound and outbound shipments, as well as current inventory levels and available-to-promise targets.

The business can analyze the data to schedule raw materials or goods optimally, eliminating stock-out situations as well as excessive inventory.


Flexible Customization

As your business keeps changing, it is important to implement a warehouse management system that is flexible and easily configured to meet your special requirements.

Using familiar Boyum tools you can readily adapt screens, labels, and processing in your warehouse without a single line of added code.



Full Integration to SAP Business One

Produmex WMS is designed to work seamlessly with SAP Business One.

Our features, functions, and processes focus on addressing industry-specific challenges which are not covered by SAP Business One.

Produmex WMS offers additional modules that you can add and activate to enabled additional and advanced functionality

Produmex Weigh          

Produmex Weigh is a weighing and dispensing solution for SAP Business One designed for regulated industries such as Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals.

Produmex Weigh connects the operational task of weighing and dispensing ingredients, plus label printing within the material flow process managed by Produmex WMS. Thus, supporting picking from the warehouse and preparing ingredients ready for production, while providing a single source of record and enhancing product traceability.

Produmex Connect

Produmex Connect is a weight scale interface allowing the connection of a variety of scales via various communication protocols to the Produmex Weigh application.

This integrated solution can be applied in a variety of industry segments including life sciences, food, chemicals, bulk liquids, and bulk raw materials.

Produmex 3PL

Produmex 3PL for SAP Business One is an extension to Produmex WMS supporting trading partner integration via Produmex EDI and customer invoicing for third-party logistic providers.

Produmex 3PL is a highly configurable solution offering flexibility to address specific customer agreements and requests, plus electronic trading partner integration via Produmex EDI and a B2B customer portal.

Produmex EDI

Integrate to your supply chain partner through an EDI interface regardless of software differences or upgrades. 

Reducing cycling times with fast exchange of information between supply chain partners’ systems and no need for manual data entry.

Replacement of process flows that require substantial human interaction & paper documents.

Produmex WMS extends SAP Business One standard functionality with concepts that are important for the operational management of items while adding specific parameters that must be set to ensure that it functions correctly.

  Function ­SAP
  Warehouses ­+ ­+
  Bin Locations ­+ ­+
  Advanced organizational Structure (Zones, Docks, Silos / Tanks) ­+
  Batch Management ­+ ­+
  Serial Number Management ­+ ­+
  Simultaneously Manage Batch and Serial Numbers ­+
  Units of Measure Groups ­+ ­+
  Best Before Date / Expiry Date ­+
  Shelf Life ­+
  Quality Control Features ­+
  Advanced Batch Attributes ­+
  Replenishment Features ­+
  Reserved Stok per Customers ­+
  Catch Weights ­+




Produmex WMS functionality requires the warehouse structure to be defined, and this is configured in the Organizational Structure through the addition and arrangement of various structural elements in the company. It also provides a wide range of configurable settings that allow the logistics operations of the warehouse to be defined.

  Function ­SAP
Business One
  Bin Locations  ­+ ­+
  Bin Locations Attributes ­+ ­+
  Warehouse Sublevels only 4 ­+
  Warehouse Sublevels Attributes (Zonetypes) ­+ +
  Advanced Warehouse Structure (Zones, Docks, Packing Lines, Production Lines, Silos,       Tanks, Thin Clients, Printers) ­+ ­+
 Graphical representation of the warehouse structure + ­+
  Item restriction at bin locations ­+ +
  Quality Status Management + ­+
  Minimum & Maxium quantities per bin location + ­+
  Minimum & Maxium quantities per bin location and item + ­+
  Configuration of Advanced Logistics Busniness Processes (Extension Parameters) + ­+
  Label Printing Compliance with GS1 Standard + ­+
  Label Printing Technology Crystal Reports Crystal Reports


  Function ­SAP
Business One
  Inbound Container Management ­+
  Cross Docking ­+
  ASN Reception ­— ­+
  Bulk Reception ­— ­+
  Guided Put Away ­+
  Quality Control at Reception ­— ­+
  Picking + ­+
  Picklist Proposal Generator ­+
  Advanced Picking Strategies (Wave, Zone, Multi & Ad-hoc) ­+
  Packing + ­+
  Picklist Robot (Automated Picklist Generation) ­+
  Planning & Executing of Delivery Routes ­+
  Consolidated Packing ­+
  Outbound Container Management ­+
  Advanced Inventory Picking ­+
  Picking for Production Orders + ­+
  Weighing and Dispensing ­+
  Production Manager Dashboard ­+
  Bin to Bin Transfer + ­+
  Warehouse Transfer Requests + ­+
  Advanced Cycle Counting ­+
  Replenishment ­+
  Enhanced Cycle Counting ­+
  Enhanced Detailed Transation History ­+
  Bulk Ingredients & Liquid Management ­+
  Inventory Locking (Advanced Allocation) ­+
  Logistic Carrier Management ­+
  Returnable Item Management ­+
  3PL Invoicing ­+
  EDI ­+