We all need #EnergyForLife

At Boyum IT we have a company culture that we are very proud of and which is based on four core values: the family of our employees, being social, common health and excellence (or expertise) in everything we do.

We have always guarded our health by staying in good shape, although not necessarily just by cycling, but it has become a common drive and motivation in our culture. Because of that and the fact that we are a global team that works towards the goal of being the best in our field, we found it natural to partner-up with an international, successful cycling team.



Join the next NTT Pro Cycling Partner Challenge, on the weekend of the 27th of June! 

Teams working together to make change happen

The Boyum Mobilization Program is our social responsibility initiative to, together with NTT Pro Cycling - Africa's first UCI World Tour Team racing to mobilize change in Africa -, help Qhubeka, a South African charity organization that donates bicycles through fundraising. NTT Pro Cycling was founded in 2007 and is the most purpose-oriented and technology driven team in professional cycling today. Their ambition is to continue riding at the highest level and motivate everyone across the African continent to ride a bike.

The "Energy for Life" philosophy has been part of our company culture since the very beginning, as we believe that it is important for our team to invest some free time in sports in order to relieve stress, improve their health and bring them together. Now we have the opportunity to also improve other people's lives in Africa by partnering up with a team riding to positively impact this cause. Get to know the project.




Scholar Mobility

Bicycles make it easier for children to get to and from school, helping to improve their attendance.

Tourism Micro Businesses

Bicycles allow people to explore places and grow economic opportunities for tourism micro businesses.

Community Safety

Bicycles assist with more visible and
effective security patrols.

Disaster Relief

First responders get bicycles following a disaster, to transport life-saving services and gear. 


Bicycles help heathcare workers visit more patients and communities access healthcare services.

Eco Programmes

People earn bicycles by recycling waste and through other environmentally-beneficial activities.

Do your part: donate today. 

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