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Cloud Apps for simple production data collection, quality control, and product management

If your customer is looking for real-time shop floor data collection, product management, or quality control, then our out-of-the-box cloud applications are the right solution. Cloud Apps are role-based applications that are quick to set up and easy to use, covering the needs from:

  • Discrete or process manufacturing companies looking for an easy solution that supports business processes coming from the ERP 
  • Production departments that need a paperless and clever solution to collect production data and maximize shop floor performance
  • Quality departments looking for a solution to perform supply chain-related quality inspections and collect quality data
  • Product development and production departments looking for a solution that helps to get new products to the production line and makes communication easy between development and production 
  • and different business roles like Product Manager, Production Manager, Shop floor operator, Inspection Manager, Quality Inspector

Supporting product development and production departments in launching new or evolving products, to get from idea to production quickly.

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Create consistent quality testing plans to measure the success of your production, the quality of your suppliers, and discover ways to improve.

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A collaborative workflow between production management and the shop floor, for enabling production planning and understanding work done.

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Advanced Manufacturing, Logistics and Scanning solutions

Whether your customer is a manufacturing company with extensive planning processes or deep machine integrations, etc., or a logistics company that needs comprehensive warehouse management and a scanning solution - use our comprehensive manufacturing solution, best-of-breed warehouse management and easy-to-go scanning solution, covering the needs from: 

  • Discrete and process manufacturing companies with more complex requirements
  • Make-to-stock 
  • Make-to-order 
  • Engineer-to-order
  • Any industry that relies on warehousing and logistics
  • Warehouse operators, processing high volumes of transactions

Industry-specific solutions for discrete and process manufacturing industries, improving the production efficiency & increase productivity.

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Comprehensive warehouse management solution supports multiple warehouses and operators for more control, visibility and traceability.

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Picking and shipping made easy with Produmex Scan, for streamlined warehouse movement and real-time warehouse transactions.

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Product information management

A PIM system’s most important task is to help a company manage large amounts of complex product information and distribute all of this information efficiently on the relevant channels. If your customer needs to simplify product information management, then Perfion PIM is the right solution. It supports: 

  • Marketing departments to publish products online, generate catalogs, pricelist, etc., share assets with customers and more
  • Product Manager with flexible product configuration, Data import & Onboarding, fast enrichment of product data and more
  • IT Manager to achieve 100% standard = easy maintenance, seamless ERP integration, robust infrastructure & architecture

All your product information in one single place. Seamlessly pushed to all publications, apps and websites.

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Horizontal solutions for business automation

In this area, you will find a set of add-ons that allow you to customize SAP Business One to your requirements to create business process automation and quick ROI. If your customer needs system customization, communication automation, dynamic Outlook, and credit card integration, use our horizontal solutions. The target audience for the add-ons is simple - all SAP Business One users, there is something for everyone. Here are some examples:

  • CEO and HR Manager
  • Financial Manager and Accountant
  • Sales manager and Sales Employee
  • Project and Production Manager 
  • Service Manager and Purchase Manager
  • and for all who want to customize SAP Business One to their needs

Makes it possible for you to customize SAP Business One to fit your business needs without being a developer.

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Handle documents and reports, send emails, create activities, share information through modern collaboration tools.

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Provides instant access to essential information and makes it easy to perform SAP Business One tasks from within in Outlook.

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You can store Credit Card information and process credit card payments from within SAP Business One.

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