References and sucess stories
Reference Slide: One-pager about the challenges and needs, and how they benefit from the solution
Automotive: Dr. Freist Automotive GmbH
Plastics: Promociones fantasticas
Pharmaceutical: Prositter S.A. of C.V. 
Food&Beverage: FitFoods Inc.
Hightech & Electronics: TeraTron GmbH
Industrial Machinery: Euroquip SA 
Metal fabrication: WESPA GmbH
Packaging: Cermer - Ceramica Meridiano S.A.
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Success Story video: Customers talking about the benefits of our solutions in video format
Plastics: Grupo Polytec
Chemicals: SIFATEC
Food & Beverage: Garcia de la Cruz
Hightech & Electronics: Tattile
Industrial Machinery: Grupo Victor 
Metal Fabrication: Plastifil
Packaging: ACM Srl
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