Increase productivity and make better decisions within your quality department by automating inspection operations, optimizing data-collection on the shop floor, and reacting to results in real-time.


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Focused on specific business roles, their problems, and needs, Inspect increases productivity of quality departments and helps them make better decisions by automating inspection operations, streamlining data collection on the shop floor, and responding to results in real-time.

Inspect is built up of two separate applications that work seamlessly together. Supporting the Inspection Manager to define inspection plans and release and track inspection orders, while giving Quality Inspectors an easy-to-use solution to view and execute samples and collect quality data efficiently.

Inspect is a lean cloud Quality Control application that enables quality managers to plan, automate and delegate work, and assists inspectors in running tests and recording results.


Inspect is aimed at quality departments looking for a solution to perform supply chain-related quality inspections and collect quality data.

Inspect is composed up of 2 separate Quality Control
 that enable quality managers and inspectors
to work seamlessly together.


Define inspection plans, track and release inspection orders


View and execute inspection samples and collect quality data


Designed to work hand in hand with the ERP system to streamline supply chain related quality inspection processes

1. Plan inspections and quality targets

Manage inspection plans with sample plans and quality targets for each inspection step. Build test steps with instructions for the inspector, define quality targets and rules for how many samples should be taken.

2. Execute inspections and collect quality data

A clear, paperless overview of work for the inspector with shop floor data collection. Process inspection plans, collect quality data and defect types and finish inspection orders.

3. Monitor progress and status of inspection orders

Monitor the execution of inspection orders and quality trends. See results in real time and make fast decisions on follow up tasks.

4. Analyze inspection results

Deep dive into test results and track global quality trends. Detailed view of the results per inspection order.


Out-of-the-box solutions for specific business roles for a fast and fluid way of working.

Less complexity through easy-to-use functions and self-explanatory user interface.   

Effortless and hassle-free implementation and minimal support for a fast go-live. 

INSPECT - Quality inspection management 

Learn more about our quality control application and find out how Inspect can help you to make better decisions within your quality department. 

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