• Better accuracy, speed and simplicity to your data collection

Bring your work from the shop floor to the screen through a smartphone or tablet with a web-based or native application explicitly geared for workflow ergonomics.  

Beas Manufacturing Web Apps are an excellent way to save time on data entry for shop floor workers by marrying our fast and easy configuration with GS1-128 support.  

A touchscreen interface allows workers to input information quickly without being interrupted by complicated elements on their system. This could be dropdowns, tabbed interfaces, and keyboards that require configuration. We have made the system more intuitive and accurate than other traditional offerings. 

Using Beas Mobile applications gives you flexibility since no client installation is required. You can configure it according to your needs. 

You can access the apps on Android, iOS mobiles, or Desktop PC using a browser because our apps have a responsive design that adapts to any screen size. 

To make life even easier, the apps also have multi-language capabilities. 

Our web apps also come with barcode scanning support for quickly capturing information into the different applications, minimizing the amount of manual data entry. 

They are seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One, making it a faster and simpler way to register information. At the same time, they are streamlining data entry for shop floor and warehouse workers. 

Beas Manufacturing Web Apps also support GS1-128, so you can read barcodes and avoid errors in data entry. 

Work order apps

Our work order apps allow you to manage the entire work order lifecycle, following you in every processing step.  

  • Start / Stop work times: count the times that the employees have worked on the different tasks and trigger stock transactions for an online connection between the shop-floor and ERP 
  • Work order Time receipt: register work done by the shop floor employees 
  • Work Order Goods issue or goods receipt: link your production transactions to the ERP 
  • Work Order Backflushing: an easy and fast way to register production, automatically triggering stock and time transactions 
  • Start / Stop interruptions: your operators can register machines’ stops, reflected in production scheduling, and initiate corrective maintenance requests (requires Maintenance module). 

Stock transactions apps 

Our set of warehouse management apps allows you to create:  

  • Goods Receipt PO: receive incoming materials from purchase orders right from the terminal screen; 
  • Goods issues and receipts: easily correct inventory levels at any time, using kiosk terminals or mobile devices; 
  • Stock transfer and stock transfer request: quickly move materials in between warehouses or bin-locations, using kiosk terminals or mobile devices; 
  • Inventory counting: create stock counting lists and let your operators perform the counting on mobile devices, automatically updating the current counting status in Beas; 
  • Sales order picking: your operators can see what they need to pick for sales orders from anywhere using our mobile terminals. 

Additional apps

We also provide additional apps for: 

  • Inventory information: check stock levels at any moment; 
  • Inventory history: see the complete details of a product’s availability and stock; 
  • Batch / Serial information: check stock per batch or serial number; 
  • Warehouse stock: see the available stock in each warehouse or bin location; 
  • Attendance: Log on / Log off: have your operators register their arrivals and leaving times to control their availabilities; 
  • QC data capture: give your QC operators terminals to capture quality data wherever they are, instantly sending analyses’ information into Beas. 


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