Revisions are a necessary part of any manufacturing process, but they can be challenging to track.  

Have you ever had to go hunting through CAD files or text documents to find out what has changed in previous revisions?  

Whether you are working in process or discrete manufacturing, with Beas Manufacturing, you can easily manage all this data and more. You'll be able to see everything that has changed in each revision, so you know exactly what is going on with every part.  

You'll be able to spend more time on the manufacturing process itself instead of wasting it with version tracking and streamlines every step of the process through incredible integration to help you maximize your time efficiency and reduce cost.  


Versioning and revision control are flexible enough for many different types of manufacturing processes.   

You can set up different versions and revisions at the item and BOM levels and have any number of versions active in parallel. Create a flexible assignment of BOMs and routings that allow 1:1, 1:n, and n:1 relations between version levels.  

In addition, you can create new versions, inactive them, view the history of changes, set a version as active or inactive, and much more.  

With Beas Manufacturing version and revision control, you can assign statuses for every version, defining specific authorizations to control and determine which documents or transactions could be used.  

You can create and manage as many versions as you want for the same items, allowing you to track them throughout their whole lifecycle, without having to create new item codes for every change and maintaining easy statistical analyses possibilities. 

You can start your product development in CAD/PDM and completely integrate it to Beas Master Data, using our integration tools to automatically import data into new versions and revisions of your products. 

Additionally, as version-managed products should be managed either by batches or serial numbers, it is possible to control the exact amount of stock existing for every version, although they are all part of the same item code. 

Version control is a handy feature for prototyping, as it allows the users to easily create prototype versions (which can have a status blocking undesired transactions for this version, like sales, for example) and fast costing estimations by using the Beas Precalculation feature. 

By using Precalculation, you can have a deep understanding of the costs associated with each version of your products and a short projection of sales prices, enabling product feasibility analysis at every step of the development process.  

Then, after the development is finished, prototype versions can be changed into released status, allowing all sales-related transactions. 

Having version control in process (and regulated) manufacturing environments means you can safely track the product life cycle.  

This includes development/documentation with formulations, properties, documents, release for commercialization, master data for production, calculation data, work orders, and more.  

And if needed, you can add the regulatory version and revision level that is tracked from R&D to Quality Management both at item and BOM levels.  

Batch and serial number traceability allow you to know which versions have been sold to which customers and security controls inside Beas prevent you from delivering the wrong versions. 


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