• Improve product quality and regulatory compliance with Beas Manufacturing

Quality control and traceability are essential to manufacturing. But how do you make sure your products meet the highest standards?
If you want to ensure that your products are of the highest quality, you need a solution for sampling, testing, and documenting results.

Beas Manufacturing provides an audit trail and electronic documentation for each component used in production, including all parts involved and their batch or serial numbers.
We help companies meet regulatory standards while also increasing overall product quality and traceability, including compliance with FDA CFR 21 part 11. 

The inspection plans include sampling plans (by statistical sizes, time-based, or check-all) and the list of tests to be performed. The tests are either numeric or Boolean, depending on the need. With the Beas QC module, you can create various QC inspection plans for all steps across the business and your supply chain, namely purchasing, in process, at the end of production, and batch stability tests.
Control, acceptance steps, measurements, attachments, documents, and other working steps can all be defined.

QC Inspection Execution in Beas Manufacturing allows you to track all aspects of your product, including when it was created, who worked on it, when it was completed, and more. 
QC orders can be automatically created upon receiving from purchasing, receiving from production, during the production process at operation level, and during stability tests for batches in stock.

With Beas' QC, you can quickly generate quality testing orders linked to different processes along the supply chain and the production process.
You can either do it manually, automatically, based on a specific condition with pre-defined rules. You can additionally customize it using Beas scripts.
You can also choose to set QC for random samples, per order/operation, or check specific orders/pieces/batches.
This ensures proper compliance with regulatory standards while simplifying traceability throughout the manufacturing process.
The results of the QC order are an integral part of batch/serial traceability.  QC plans and orders can also be applied to non batch or serial managed items.

Test, acceptance & release management

With Beas Manufacturing QC, you can execute scenarios at all levels:

  • 4-eyes acceptance - ensure one person records the results and another approves them using a password
  • Electronic signature - all test orders should be signed by a person for acceptance. The information is logged, including changes made.
  • Electronic recording of activities - capture all operator activities and product movements

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