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You probably have a good idea of how much it costs to make one unit of product. But what about the cost for each additional item that comes off the assembly line? 

You might be surprised to find out how much money you're losing because of inaccurate costing.  

With the Beas Manufacturing calculation and product costing module, you can see all the costs of a particular product in a granular way, from raw material to finished goods. You can calculate the cost for every step in the production process and check if costs are incurred based on wrong standards of missed calibrations. This way, you can easily save thousands of dollars without affecting quality or customer service.  

No more guesswork involved – just look at the numbers and find out exactly how much each product costs and how that cost fared against the expected costs.


Beas Manufacturing lets you set batch pre-calculation as automated recalculation and update product costs with changes in material or quantity. 

This is especially useful when you have a lot of products and materials – it's easy to see how changes will impact your product pricing. 

We seamlessly integrate with SAP Business One pricing models for each product and make sure you always have the most up-to-date information. 

The Beas product costing and calculation tool is highly adaptable in usage, user-friendly, and understanding. 

It is excellent for users with little or no knowledge of costing and those who need a powerful tool to perform advanced analysis and create reports.  

You can view pre, current, and post calculation results with a free definable calculation scheme to compare results and analysis.  

You can run simulations to determine product costs for future changes in your BOMs and routings by recalculating costs with any necessary changes.  

This tool gives you an accurate calculation of what each change will do to your final prices, marginal costs, contribution, and profit margin. It lets you decide whether or not you want to implement the change.  

You can also use Beas to recalculate your product costs if you make changes to recipes or quantities.  

Beas Manufacturing can perform batch calculations that include multiple filters to analyze differences in work orders and the production process.  

Beas Manufacturing lets you choose between batch or single calculation modes.  

The latter is beneficial when you make frequent changes. At the same time, automated calculations help you save time when your production process doesn't change much during a period of time.   

If you plan to sell a product at a specific price and think it's worth it to charge more than that amount, you should know whether or not it will still be profitable after adding up all the costs associated with making that product. 

That's why we have made sure you can see your product's calculation in the sales quotation and order in SAP Business One. You can also see the costs of each product in your order lines.  

In addition, Beas Manufacturing lets you save all your calculation data for future reference or be used as a basis for work order processing.

In Beas Manufacturing, it is possible to calculate all levels of the product structure by passing from one through another (upward and downward).  

Our unique pre-calculation functionality simulates the planned cost of BOMs and routings, recipes, projects, including special conditions and volume discounts.  


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