The reason behind most production delays is either suboptimal or simply insufficient production capacity, lack of information, or material shortages. A production bottleneck in your process is a disturbance that makes something slow down or stop.  
Machine and Material Requirements Planning (MRP / MRP2) will help you avoid product shortages by Releasing purchase and production orders based on required demand dates.  

Beas Manufacturing Material Requirement Planning includes all required steps for overall business success. It makes it possible to plan resources adequate to customer demand.  

Now, you can avoid these bottlenecks and deliver your promised product on time. This increased accuracy helps your business avoid the negative cash flow effects and unnecessary costs related to storage space or subcontracted manufacturing processes. 

It is crucial to keep costs under control by producing the exact quantity of needed components precisely at the right time.  


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We designed our MRP and MRP2 with consideration for market demands. We have integrated forecasting data to ensure optimal inventory levels in line with demand forecasts based on MPS or SCM data, sales orders, and stock control. 

While also considering the information you have in your item's master data, any calculation date, and work order data. 

In addition, we can plan for Single and multilevel products, make-to-stock, make-to-order, and mix-mode.  

With Beas Manufacturing MRP and MRP2, we support different planning and calculation scenarios. That means you can plan for the short or long term on a rolling or budget schedule. 

Furthermore, you can make your calculations based on costs and revenues. And plan for any combination of period length (e.g., days, weeks, and more).  

Beas Manufacturing MRP / MRP2 has a high build in usability.  

Material data, including purchase and sales orders, stock conditions, forecasts, and production plans, are entered in the same window. You can decide whether to use MRP alone or utilize MRP2 to consider your available resources and display planned utilization. 

We also ensure the calculation of your subcontractors' requirements for internal manufacturing, purchasing, and Material Requirements Plans.  

This Material Requirements Planning / MRP2 software supports multiple languages, thus making it easy to use for international companies that want to consolidate their planning data from around the world. 

The main result of an MRP run is a purchasing and production plan based on demand and dates. 

Material calculations are always provided with MRP calculations. Our algorithms use past results to improve future estimates without manual input of new purchase orders or sales orders. 

You can create different views on these calculations, like Gross, net, lot-size oriented, with/without multilevel pegged requirements, key-driven, or release triggers. 

We provide calculations either for subcontracting, internal material requirements, or purchasing recommendations. 


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