Automate production, quality inspections, invoice handling and so much more,
and manage all product data from one place.


Manage product data

Manage all your product data from one place. A PIM system’s most important task is to help a company manage large amounts of complex product information and distribute all of this information efficiently on the relevant channels.

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Cloud Apps for real-time and simple production data collection, quality control, and product management. Increase your work performance with out-of-the-box apps for specific business roles for a fast and fluid way of working.

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Easy to use

Less complexity and fast learning curve through easy-to-use functions and self-explanatory user interface.

From slow to flow

No more manual data entry. Speed up your document handling process with up to 10x.

Increased automation

Automate and improve collaboration between your teams with a real-time and paperless communication.

Powered by AI

Our powerful AI-engine captures data from any format without the need to set up templates.


No resources required for administration and maintenance of the solution. No typing, no training, no maintenance.

Human-level accuracy

Continuous validation of data by our validation team ensures the highest level of accuracy.


Our strong individual skill sets combined with our efficient implementation
methodology makes us the leading solution provider, with just over 12,000
customers and 200,000 users spread across 125 countries worldwide.


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Manage all your product data
from one place
Product Information Management >>

Get new products to the
production line, quickly
Product Design & Management >>

Perform supply chain-related
quality inspections
Quality Inspection management >>

Capture data from documents and
import to the ERP
Advanced Data Capture >>

Collect production data and maximize
shop floor performance
Shop Floor Management >>

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