This workshop is oriented to the experienced Beas Manufacturing implementation consultant that would like to expand their implementation knowledge.


Training curriculum includes the following:

This advanced implementation workshop is divided into 2 parts:

Theoretical knowledge on Beas manufacturing functionalit

  • Tools
  • Bin location
  • APS
  • Maintenance
  • Product configurator
  • Beas usability extension

A hands-on creation of an implementation from scratch and focuses on generally accepted best practices.

  • Requirements Survey document
  • Prototype building
  • Master data import
  • Checklist / test cases for integration testing
  • How to design and perform trainings
  • Customizations in a project


Workshops overview:

Instructors will present scenarios that will help reinforce your knowledge of the product functionality, by thinking through requirements and design considerations. These are intensive “hands-on" workshops, in which the participants will be divided into small implementation groups (minimum 3 per group) and each group will work on implementing another fictitious company.

These workshops provide a unique and innovative way to teach and enable experienced Beas Manufacturing consultants.


Dates and locations (continuously being updated):

  • February 3-7 in Madrid, Spain at Boyum IT Solutions S.L.
  • February 10-14 in Milan, Italy
  • February 23-27 in Frankfurt, Germany at Boyum IT Solutions GmbH
  • March 30-April 3 in Miami, USA at Boyum IT Solutions Inc


Who should take this workshop?

  • Support consultants
  • Implementation consultants
  • Technical / Functional consultants

This is not a Beas Manufacturing basic course – all participants must come with product knowledge.


Price per participant:

400 EUR / 450 USD / 3200 CNY


The Beas Implementation Workshop was great. We met different consultants from different places and we worked with a lot of very different cases that showed us very important tools. - Eugenia Silvera from Inzol Consulting


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