Depletion of high-grade raw materials and dumping of cheap imports combined International trade agreements and increase in tariffs, Industry 4.0 connectivity between machine, operator and ERP backbone, and skilled labor shortages due to an aging workforce, are just a few of the many challenges that manufacturing leaders in the metal processing industry face today. 

To remain competitive and grow their businesses, metal manufacturers need to reassess and optimize their operations. The ultimate goal for metal processing manufacturers should be to simplify the manufacturing process with improved efficiency, while increasing profits. 

Read more about today’s environment for metal manufacturers and how beas Manufacturing for Metal Processing provides a completely integrated solution for managing your business. Beas Manufacturing supports simple-to-complex build plans, make-to-order, make-to-stock, or mixed-mode environments with a single, comprehensive solution.

Benefits Supporting Key Initiatives for this Industry

Faster and more efficient product quoting

Quote accuracy is important to the profitability of any business. This is especially true when facing global competitors driving down prices, rapid fluctuations in component costs, increase in trade tariffs while struggling to maintain product quality. 

Reduce your excess inventory

Quite often, the actual costs of inventory are inaccurate, underestimated and incomplete. While most manufacturers know they have dead inventory, many are unaware of just how much.

Optimize your production resources

With increasing bill of material complexity and multi-constraint production resources such as machines, tooling and labor skills, your ability to provide accurate customer delivery dates is getting to be a complex task. 

Achieve Industry Quality Standards

The need to focus on compliance and traceability initiatives is increasing as commercial pressures grow to meet regulatory mandates. By mitigating the risk of product recalls, organizations will also be able to successfully reduce inefficiencies within the supply chain.

Manage and coordinate external subcontractors

Supply chains are increasingly more complex and global in nature, impacting customer delivery lead-times and adding more stock into the supply chain. Often manufacturers are outsourcing some of their processes such as plating and painting to full product assembly. 

Get real-time visibility of your business performance

As your business grows and changes, you need a solution that can grow and change with you. It is modular in its design and offers flexibility in deployment as modules can be purchased and “turned on” during appropriate phases of implementation.

Extensive Experience with Over 130 Customers in the Metal Fabrication Industry



Typical customer situation

  • Needs scalable and future-proof system for inventory, sales and manufacturing planning
  • Requires detailed reporting
  • Aims to take full advantage of all available resources across the company



Realized value for the customer

  • Simplified business integration across departments
  • Accurate real-time information to make decisions
  • Resource optimization increasing productivity
  • Improved connection and compatibility 
  • Flexibility when the business model changes

beas Manufacturing Scales as the Business Grows

As the business grows and changes, manufacturers need a solution that can grow and change with it. Beas Manufacturing is modular in its design and offers flexibility in deployment as modules can be purchased and "turned on" during appropriate phases of implementation.

The key vehicle that transforms beas Manufacturing for Metal Fabrication into a successful business solution is our adaptation of SAP AIM (Accerelated Implementation Methodology). We are working with more than 500 partners worldwide and providing them with global support in more than 9 global locations.

If you have any questions about beas Manufacturing for the Metal Fabrication Industry, our experts will be happy to answer them.

Why beas Manufacturing?

Over 860 businesses have chosen beas Manufacturing as it does not simply cover basic manufacturing trends, but also supports innovation in response to growth.

Let us help you taking the first steps along your transformation journey. Our team of experts and extended partner network can guide you towards identifying, quantifying and realizing the tangible business benefits of embracing the new paradigm of digital transformation.

Only one question remains: if not now, when?

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