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Transforming Your Metal Fabrication Business

To remain competitive and grow their businesses, metal manufacturers need to reassess and optimize their operations. The ultimate goal for metal fabrication manufacturers should be to simplify the manufacturing process with improved efficiency, while increasing profits. Beas Manufacturing supports simple-to-complex build plans, make-to-order, make-to-stock, or mixed-mode environments with a single, comprehensive solution.

Often manufacturers are outsourcing some of their processes such as plating and painting to full product assembly. However, that comes with a cost. With beas Manufacturing's subcontract manufacturing you can define external subcontractor processes as part of the product bill of material and routing either as buying a service (capacity) or buying an assembly (free issue of inventory). Leveraging beas Manufacturing's planning and scheduling tools to balance supply and demand, and reduce inventory holding levels, can improve the management and collaboration of external subcontractors providing increased visibility and forecast.

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"Historically we were a subcontractor operating in a make to order environment, but today we also produce our own products on a make to stock basis, and the flexibility of beas supported this business change."

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Flexible production of variants and alternatives to articles, bills of materials or work schedules for different processes, including prototyping, zero series and series production

Easy integration of subsystems like CAD/PLM, machinery (PLC), pattern optimization, etc.

APS for group, individual and alternative resources (machinery, tools, staff) in order to increase capacity and productivity

Supports legal ISO standards through quality assurance all along the supply chain and comprehensive documentation (version, revision, drawing, batch and serial numbers)

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