High Tech and Electronics is one of the most complex and fastest moving sectors in the world. Manufacturers need to be flexible and adaptable to keep up with constantly evolving electronic demands like connected devices and usage of artificial intelligence technologies.

There is an increasing pressure from all areas – consumers, businesses and governments – to look into more eco-friendly manufacturing solutions which comply with the new regulations as well as with the environmental and export laws. See how we provide a single and completely integrated solution to manage businesses in this industry with the comprehensive beas Manufacturing for High Tech and Electronics.

Benefits Supporting Key Initiatives for this Industry

Integrate easily to CAD / PLM for Bill of Material data import

Companies who utilize both an external PLM or CAD Systems and an ERP software may find themselves entering their item Numbers and Bills of Material twice - onto each system

Reduce your excess inventory

Quite often, the actual costs of inventory are inaccurate, underestimated and incomplete. While most manufacturers know they have dead inventory, many are unaware of just how much.

Optimize your production resources

With increasing bill of material complexity and multi-constraint production resources such as machines, tooling and labor skills, your ability to provide accurate customer delivery dates is getting to be a complex task. 

Achieve Industry Quality Standards

By mitigating the risk of product recalls, reducing manufacturing costs and quality controlling end-to-end traceability of processes, organizations will also be able to successfully reduce inefficiencies within the supply chain.

Manage product life cycles / versions

Increasing product complexity and faster cycle times means that you constantly have to deal with changes in BOMs. It’s a management challenge made more difficult by the intense pressure to control costs.

Get real-time visibility of your business performance

Understanding your core business operations is, for many manufacturers, the initial step in improving bottom line revenues through greater visibility of office and plant floor operations. Storing your data offline or in separate systems will hugely impact your ability to grow. 

Extensive Experience in several High Tech and Electronics sectors

Typical customer situation

  • Need improved production planning and inventory management
  • Lack of visibility of the status of the business


Realized value for the customer

  • Better tracking of production costs
  • Improved planning and optimization of resources
  • Reduced excess inventory
  • Faster and more accurate financial reporting
  • Increased visibility of business performance

beas Manufacturing Scales as the Business Grows

As the business grows and changes, manufacturers need a solution that can grow and change with it. Beas Manufacturing is modular in its design and offers flexibility in deployment as modules can be purchased and "turned on" during appropriate phases of implementation.

The key vehicle that transforms beas Manufacturing for High Tech and Electronics into a successful business solution is our adaptation of SAP AIM (Accerelated Implementation Methodology). We are working with more than 500 partners worldwide and providing them with global support in more than 9 global locations.

If you have any questions about beas Manufacturing for the High Tech and Electronics Industry, our experts will be happy to answer them.

Why beas Manufacturing?

Over 860 businesses have chosen beas Manufacturing as it does not simply cover basic manufacturing trends, but also supports innovation in response to growth.

Let us help you taking the first steps along your transformation journey. Our team of experts and extended partner network can guide you towards identifying, quantifying and realizing the tangible business benefits of embracing the new paradigm of digital transformation.

Only one question remains: if not now, when?

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