Manufacturing resources planning

The manufacturing functions include specific strategies / functions for materials management: order and stock related production, mixed and variant production as well as the necessary functions for the appropriate production planning and execution of manufacturing orders. Watch the recording and learn about the material requirement planning process, how to analyze results and the order creation process under the MRP functionality.


Key benefits and features

Business Process Orientation

Primary demands from forecasts MPS, SCM, sales orders, stock control  

MRP based on master data, calculation data and/or work order data 

Single- / multi-level products, make-to-stock, make-to-order, mix-mode  

Scheduling horizons & calculation accuracy

Planning / calculation scenarios for e.g. short-term, rolling or budget scheduling

Detail or rough-cut scheduling

Usability improvement of scheduling data

Brut, net, lot-size oriented, with / without full pegging

Requisitions for internal manufacturing, outsourcing, purchasing

Various filters for;. orders, requirements per day, week, month, ...

Calculation results

Gross, net, lot-size oriented, with / without multilevel pegged requirements 

Proposals for internal manufacturing, outsourcing, purchasing



selectable according to your expected results

Watch the MRP video



Learn how to analyze results and order creating process with MRP

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