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Live Courses


Produmex Scan: Live Remote Training

Time: May 20 - June 5, 2024
Location: Online
Duration: 16 hours

Descubre el potencial de Produmex SCAN:

  1. Instalación
  2. Datos maestros del empleado
  3. Flujos de compras
  4. Inventarios
  5. Producción
  6. Personalizaciones de campos
  7. Eventos e impresión
  8. Estrategias
  9. Reaprovisionamiento

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On-site events

Beas/WMS Integration & Roadmaps

Time: 18. July 2024
Location: UK
Duration: 1 day

Join us for a dynamic training session covering key topics:

  1. Beas Training: Master Beas Manufacturing functionalities.
  2. WMS Training: Optimize warehouse management.
  3. Beas WMS Integration: Explore the benefetis of the integration.
  4. Customer Cases: Learn from real-world examples.
  5. Roadmap: Gain insights into future developments and explore further products.
  6. Insights and updates on Perfion, B1UP, B1 InterCompany and Scan.

Logistics and Manufacturing

Time: Q2/Q3
Location: Africa
Duration: 2 days

Join us for a dynamic training session covering key topics:

  1. Produmex Scan: Optimize inventory management.
  2. CloudApps: Streamline operations.
  3. Beas and WMS: Opportunities by using both solutions.
  4. Customer Cases: Learn from real-world examples.
  5. Roadmap: Discover upcoming features.
  6. Insights and updates on Perfion, B1UP and B1 InterCompany.
Online events

Planned webinars:

Introduction to Perfion - 22. May (Spanish) Register here
Introduction to Perfion - 23. May (English) Register here
Beas Manufacturing Scripting - 24. May (English) Register here
Produmex WMS Implementation - 28. May (English) Register here
Beas APS Functionalities - 31. May (English) Register here
How to setup Cloud Apps - 19. June (English) Register here
Beas/WMS integration for regulated industries  - 18. June Register here
Produmex WMS - Picking Flows - 25.06. Register here
Beas Manufacturing Implementation Coming soon
Production planning with Beas Coming soon
Dashboards for Boyum Products Coming soon
WMS customization Coming soon
Product knowledge & important links

New Beas/WMS brochure:

Explore the benefits of leveraging Beas Manufacturing and Produmex WMS together

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