“With implementing the Produmex WMS batch picking, the multi-picking we doubled our pick productivity. And our pack productivity increased by 25% by moving to the new building and new packing process. By implementing “pick in a box” process, the time needed for processing an order from start to pick to finally having it packed and putting in on the conveyor belt for sorting, reduces by 40%.”

 Bas Lemmers, CEO, FittinQ, Holland

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How Produmex WMS can help you improve your Warehouse management

You will see an increase of efficiency and productivity  throughout the warehouse. Furthermore there will be a reduction in error & cost through automation of logistic processes, including goods receipt, put away, picking, packing and shipping.


  • Everyone has real-time information about customers, invoices, deliveries and available products
  • Reliable and up-to-date information about inbound and outbound shipments, as well as current inventory levels and available-to-promise targets
  • Accurate and consistent logistic services invoicing based on transparent arrangements with customers
  • Increased productivity in the warehouse by +25 %
  • Significant saving in manual work as every aspect is automated

How your warehouse will benefit from Produmex WMS

  • Ensure correct shipment and increase customer satisfaction
  • Leverage barcode scanning technology to streamline all warehouse transactions
  • Get an almost 100% accuracy with the barcode scanner
  • Customers can log in and find all their details, look up orders and invoices, and see which items are available, always with the right price including any discounts
  • Increase pick and pack productivity
  • Real-time view of your inventory 
  • Reduce manual work due to automation
  • Create picking lists of available and unavailable items for every order
  • Websites can be set up abroad and all supported by the database
  • Reduce waste through expiry date monitoring and FEFO picking
  • Increase of efficiency and productivity and error & cost reduction through automation of logistic processes, including goods receipt, put away, picking, packing and shipping

Get more out of Produmex WMS with these add-ons

Produmex Weigh

Make sure that the critical steps with weighing becomes easier with onscreen instructions on our intuitive user interfaces which helps to ensure accuracy.  

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Produmex Track

Integrate your administrative business processes with the logistics and production processes and get full tracking, tracing and compliance with your country's legislations. 

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Produmex Connect

Automate capturing your weight data with a weight scale interface which allows the connection of a variety of scales via various communication protocols.

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Produmex 3PL

Improve the accuracy of invoices, reduce credit notes and increase customer service levels and profitability.

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Produmex EDI

Reduce the handling costs of sorting, distributing, organizing and searching paper documents.

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Learn how you can transform your Warehouse management with Produmex WMS

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