2018 Boyum Webinar Reihe

Feb. 1B1UPHow to create custom BudgetsWe will show you how to add a budget using a UDT and create a dashboard to analyze itSee recording 



Beas manufacturingBeas Terminal, LocalThis webinar will cover how to review the licenses for the Terminal, the functions and serupSee recording

Feb. 22


Beas ManufacturingBeas Terminal, web/installationThis webinar will cover the environment setup and webserver options See recording
Mar. 1B1UPAdvance items search in Marketing documentsWe will create a custom search for special items based on different fields in Marketing documentsSee recording

Mar. 15

Beas ManufacturingBeas Terminal, Web / WebAppsThis webinar covers review the licenses for the Terminal, setup and webapps functions

Mar. 22

Beas ManufacturingHow to support different manufacturing ProcessYou'll be introduced to ways you can leverage the power of the integrated Beas Manufacturing solution to manage the flow of information between the shop floor and rest of the businessSee recording
Apr. 5B1UPHow to open beas Work orders from a ReportWe will create a custom report based on beas Work orders with a link to the documentsSee recording
Apr. 12Beas ManufacturingBeas System troubleshootingThis webinar will cover the most asked questions about the system and how to resolve them independently 
Apr. 19GeneralHow to create a ticketWe will give you a few tricks to create a ticket and obtain a faster and better responseSee recording

May 17

Beas ManufacturingDEMO Script- Engineer- to Order Process with BeasThrough some real life examples we will show the Engineer to order manufacturing process See recording
June 7B1UPHow to add shipping based on SO quantityWe will use Validation and Content Creator to show you how to make a button appears and disappears based on a condition
June 12Produmex Scan / Produmex WMSMaximizing Warehouse Capabilities with SAP Business OneGet a brief overview and flavour of both solutions which are completely aligned with the latest versions of SAP Business One, both on HANA as on SQL Server platforms. See recording
June 14Beas ManufacturingBeas usability extensionLearn to leverage the powerfull functionalities of the B1UP in your Beas solution. Learn the new usability features of beas and how they can steamline your business and save customization costsSee recording
June 21
Beas ManufacturingResources and routings setupIn this webinar we take a deep dive into the Recourses and Routing functionality in Beas manufacturing solution 
July 5B1UPHow to create a crystal report document from SQL Report resultsWe will show you how to create a crystal report document from your SQL reports
July 12Produmex WMSHow to achieve GS1 barcode compliance with Produmex WMSWe will explain the principles of GS1 regarding (product) identification standards, information exchange throughout the supply chain and tracking and tracing.See recording
July 19Beas ManufacturingProject management in BeasIn this webinar we will take a deep dive into the project managemnt module in Beas manufacturing solution where you'll learn to set it up and all the possible usesSee recording
Aug. 2B1UPHow to create a customized drill in golden arrow on a SQL reportWe will show you how to create a customized golden arrow on the result of a SQL reportSee recording
Aug. 9Produmex WMSReduce Inventory obsolescence using "First Expired, First Out" (FEFO) picking strategies in Produmex WMSFirst Expiry First Out (FEFO) picking is an inventory consumption strategy, which ensures the oldest batch/lot or earliest expiry date of inventory is used firstSee recording
Aug. 16Beas ManufacturingMaintenance ModuleWe take a deep dive into the Maintenance in Beas manufacturing solution. We will focus on Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance and Technical Support
Sept. 6B1UPHow to trigger Approval based on an  a line itemWe will show you how to kick off Approval based on a certain item code on POSee recording
Sept. 27Produmex WMSHow to manage the combination of Batch and Serialization with Produmex WMSIn various industries there is a legal requirement to record the batch/lot number of products, plus identify the serial number of each individual selling unit of a product to ensure full traceabilitySee recording
Beas ManufacturingManaging disassembly items - Negative BOMIn this webinar we will explain how to manage disassembly items and how to create disassembly work orders, or side productSee recording
Oct. 11CRM for OutlookHow to set Authorization for CRM on the PortalWe will show you how to set your CRM user authorization on the PortalSee recording
Oct. 30Produmex WMSHow to manage the 3PL invoicing process with Produmex WMS for SAP Business One.In this webinar we explore how Produmex WMS manages the invoicing strategies of 3PL companies in SAP Business One.See recording
Nov. 1 B1 MailchimpHow to use Mailchimp integration to keep all your info in SAPWe will show you the MailChimp integration and ReportingSee recording
Nov. 6Produmex Scan How barcode scanning for warehouse operators using standard SAP Business One inventory transactions and business flows is possibleJoin this webinar to find how to start scanning within two hours from start of the installation process.See recording
Nov. 8Produmex WMSHow to manage customer specific expiry dates and shelf life when picking batches for deliveryIn this webinar you will learn how Produmex WMS manages this industry specific picking strategy.See recording
Nov. 15

Beas Manufacturing

MRPWe'll explain the MRP module in Beas manufacturing where we focus on Configuration Wizard,MRP Wizard Scenario, Order Recommendation, incl. Prognose and Sales planSee recording
Nov. 22Produmex ScanLearn more about Produmex ScanFind all about this easy-to-implement barcode scanning solution which automates SAP Business One Warehouse related inventory transactions in real-timeSign-up
Dec. 4Produmex WMSManaging batch-managed and serialized items in Life Sciences with Produmex WMSIn this webinar we will show how Produmex WMS manages this process.See recording
Dec. 6B1UPHow to make button appears and disappears based on a conditionWe will show you how to add Shipping based on SO Quantity automaticallySee recording
Dec. 20Beas ManufacturingBusiness PerformanceIn this webinar we'll explain the Business Performance / Cost Accounting module in Beas manufacturing. We'll explain how to set it up and what the possibilities areSee recording
Dec 27Beas ManufacturingCost schema settingIn this webinar we will explain how to customize the cost schema, surcharge and cost element details.Sign-up





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