We believe in allowing companies to configure their SAP Business One to best suit their needs rather than the system to tell you how to run their business.



B1 Usability Package for SAP Business One is the most trusted global customization software solution for small to mid-sized businesses. It provides you with the flexibility to personalize your SAP workspace without the need for programming skills. 

Customers that have seen a great return on investment were experiencing many challenges before implementing B1 Usability Package.


Here are just some of them:

  • Many tasks are carried out manually on paper or in other software packages and spreadsheets.
  • Do not want to constantly modify custom add-on for the dynamic and changing business needs.
  • Employees perform redundant processes that can be automated to save time.
  • When requiring a change in SAP Business One, there is a need to develop each customization, even if it is just to set a field as mandatory.
  • Employees are frustrated due to time-consuming and cumbersome data entry results in a high volume of data entry mistakes.
  • Needed to add custom logic and validation control on the interface of B1 standard documents as employees wasted time validating workflows and forms. 


The list of challenges goes on and on.

An ERP software system is often one of the most significant investments a company will have to make. Not only is it an important financial decision, but a practical solution can impact all parts of your business, like human resources, accounting, manufacturing, marketing, and more.

These days ERP users will look for solutions tailored specifically to their industry to avoid customization and ensure that they stay current. Instead of modifications, the B1 Usability Package personalizes its solutions and looks to extend its solutions to support needs without altering code.

Almost 50.000 users worldwide use the B1 Usability Package today.


Get Instant Insight with Dashboards

A centralized cockpit of interactive widgets enables you to analyze up-to-date information and make accurate, data-driven decisions. 

You can visualize and analyze data and focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from across the organization on a dashboard, helping you gain valuable insight.

Ensure Data Quality

Data quality is essential to the information flow within a system, and incorrect data can drastically impact business operations and decision-making. 

With the B1 Usability Package, you can define rules to reduce the possibility of data entry errors. Ensure data quality by using validation rules that speed up the creation of documents. 

You can also use templates to enter information quickly and without errors, easily implement mass updates to documents and master data records, and more.

It replaces the need to custom code functionalities and processes in B1UP, reducing your cost of ownership.


Quickly Customize Your User's Interface

Enhance users' experience by tailoring screen design, navigation, and other personalization. Make each window, menus, field, and tab to suit your needs. 

Adapt standard SAP Business One processes and screens for employees by setting a customizable interface that improves their efficiency and performance. 

Take advantage of easy customization tools to enrich the user experience, making your team happier and more productive.




Automate your Business Processes

B1 Usability Package provides you with the ability to automate and simplify business operations while minimizing mistakes. 

Use customization and automation to create better, more efficient, and streamlined business processes.

Automating user actions with macros is the easiest way to streamline your user's activity in the system.  With the macro function, you can simulate and script events in SAP Business One and eliminate manual tasks or run system tasks on a schedule.

Another automation tool, amongst many others, is our Quick Create tool that lets you add Items or Business Partner master data on the fly from within marketing documents.



Easy Navigation in SAP Business One

With the B1 Usability Package, you can add shortcut buttons to save time and make it easier for users to access critical data.

You can also improve system navigation with right-click menus.

Finding or creating relevant information quickly and efficiently in SAP Business One has never been this easy.

B1 Usability Package offers additional modules that you can add and activate to enable other functionality

CRM for Outlook

CRM for Outlook provides instant access to essential information and makes it easy to perform SAP Business One tasks from within Outlook, enabling employees from all departments to respond swiftly and accurately to leads, customers, and suppliers. 

It is the ultimate solution for developing great relationships inside and outside your business, delivering the key benefits which will drive your company to achieve outstanding results.

B1 Print and Delivery

B1 Print & Delivery (B1P&D) enables your company to scale communication through true automation while still preserving the personal touch required to connect with your audience. 

With a comprehensive set of features and flexible logic, B1P&D can cater to the most diverse scenarios.

B1 iPayment

B1 iPayment makes it easy to accept electronic payments in SAP Business One integrated with the best-known and most reliable payment gateways worldwide.

Following the PCI DSS compliance standard, B1 iPayment provides peace of mind by processing transactions quickly, automated, and securely.

B1 MailChimp

B1 MailChimp connects to MailChimp's Online Newsletter platform, one of the most sophisticated and easy-to-use newsletter tools with well over 7 million users internationally.

The B1 MailChimp Module offers integration between contacts in SAP Business One and MailChimp newsletter recipients, providing an easy way for you to design your campaigns, broadcast your news and special offers to your customer base.  

B1 Usability Package uses new and advanced customization tools with features designed to cover different customization needs and business requirements.

  Function ­SAP Business One B1 Usability Package
  Move Items ­+ ­+
  Hide Item ­­+ ­+
  Create new Tabs ­+ ­+
  Hide Tabs ­+ ­+
  Make fields mandatory ­— ­+
  Macros to automate processes ­+
  Function buttons ­— ­+
  Right click menus ­+
  Default Data ­+
  Add or edit menus ­+ ­+
  Quick create ­+
  Template system ­+
  TabControl ­+
  B1 Search ­+
  Update exchange rate automatically ­+
  Dashboards ­+ ­+
  Web Dashboard ­+
  Mass update ­+
  Prevent entries ­+
  Create your own Help buttons next to a field ­+
  Make user defined Windows read only for certain users ­+
  Start in Name fields on Master Data & documents instead of code field ­+
  User defined Table Handler ­+
  Display UDT on main menu or Button ­+