A real-time comprehension of your production processes so you can instantaneously react to changing needs of customers and provide them with backed delivery times





Beas Manufacturing for SAP Business One is the most trusted global manufacturing software solution for small to mid-sized discrete and process manufacturing businesses. Offering functionality from the planning phase through to control, implementation, and fulfillment.

Customers that have seen a great return on investment, were experiencing many challenges before implementing Beas Manufacturing. Here are just some of them:

  • Limited view of the current production status and needed to tighten control over production processes.
  • Need a tool to allow global employees to have a complete overview of the production.
  • Legacy software is not able to meet the evolving requirements and market demands.
  • A lot of manual work to collect and analyze the necessary data.
  • Customer requirements are increasingly becoming sophisticated.
  • Quality demands are more stringent.
  • Highly complex processes are demanding proper planning of resources.

The list of challenges goes on and on.

The manufacturing industry is going through a period of unprecedented change. As your business grows, so should your manufacturing solution. Beas Manufacturing is modular in design, offering flexible deployment, as modules can be purchased during the relevant phase of your company.

Beas Manufacturing adherence to SAP AIM or Accelerated Implementation Methodology that is used by over 1,200 worldwide customers. We work with over 620 global partners/resellers that receive support from more than 9 locations worldwide.




Plan material requirements for a manufacturing or procurement process based on the re-evaluation of existing inventories, demands and supplies according to changing planning parameters. Ensure the necessary products are available for customers and avoid shortages.



Calculation / Product Costing

Providing full control of your manufacturing costs.
Beas offers unique pre-calculation functionality to simulate the product’s planned cost. Gain deeper insights into production costs and pinpoint areas to save money



Integration Hub - Automating your production

Achieve new levels of efficiency with integrating to your MES, SCADA, LIMS, WMS systems with automated transfer of production quantities and times, process and energy data, material transactions, and much more



Quality Control & Release Management

Define what, when, and how products are tested, providing a full audit, and electronic documentation trail and increasing overall product quality and levels of traceability. Beas Manufacturing provides a complete backward and forward traceability tool, allowing you to view all the components employed in the manufacturing process of an item and its subassemblies, including their lots or serial numbers, and to easily get a list of all the items manufactured from a single component.


Material Management

Including material-related functions that are linked to the supply of the company and the control of the material flow, from manufacturing to delivery of finished products.


Product Order Management

Manage and change production orders directly in the work order structure with selectable levels of detail, multi-level BOMs, and associated routings. 


Version & Revision Control

Effectively manage several active BOMs at the same time for the same item and administer its complete lifecycle through status and authorization controls for each revision. With powerful costing evaluation tools, you can easily track the impact of the revisions over the item’s cost.



External Manufacturing

Subcontract manufacturing is supported as standard with Beas Manufacturing, with the external processes defined within the product bill of material and routing either as buying a service (capacity) or buying an assembly (free issue of inventory).

Beas Manufacturing offers additional modules that you can add and activate to enabled additional and advanced functionality .

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Leveraging Beas Manufacturing planning and scheduling tools can balance supply and demand, reduce inventory holding levels, and improve the management and collaboration of external subcontractors, thus providing increased visibility and supplier production forecasts.

Product Configurator

The product configurator enables you to manage product variants - for example, in the creation of a quotation or sales order the user can be guided through a simple wizard to configure, calculate, and integrate the products.

Mobile & Web Modules

Enhanced mobility and availability of data capture applications on sophisticated handheld mobile devices or access through simple smartphones or tablets. Including terminal applications for Factory Data Collection in web version, that is easy to use for your shop floor workers.

Time & Production Data

A constantly updated overview of the work orders and a simple feedback of the production data such as times, states and quantities, via barcode, is provided by the recording of the time & production data.

Maintenance / Service

With Beas for maintenance, you get a fully integrated maintenance solution and avoid unplanned production downtime. Increase the availability of your plant by planning downtime and taking them into account in your production plan.

Business Performance

Advanced cost accounting integrated to production data, allowing the creation of dynamic distribution rules according to production activity, different rules for processing and analyzing financial transactions from SAP Business One, budgeting, profits and losses statement, and specific reports for analyzing transactions related to cost centers and cost elements.

Project Management

Powerful module for project-based manufacturing, including

  • the creation of multi-level projects with time tracking possibility
  • definition of expenses budgets for projects
  • creation of activities, sales, and purchase transactions directly from the project
  • triggering work orders and Product Configurator from the project
  • defining milestones and calculating actual projects’ costs.

Beas Manufacturing uses a new and advanced production module with features designed to cover different industry types and requirements.

  Function ­SAP
  Warehouses ­+ ­+
  Material Groups ­— ­+
  Raw Material Groups ­+
  Release Production Satus ­+
  Specific Weight ­+
  Lot Size ­+
  Different UoM in BOM ­+
  Different Breakdown types ­+
  Warehouse rules ­+
  Quality Control Features ­+
  Advanced Batch determination ­+
  Automatic Shelf life in days ­+
  MPS ­+
  Version Control ­+
  UoM formulas ­+
  Additional parameters ­+
  Variants ­+
Scrap % ­+




  Function ­SAP
Business One
  Work Order ­+ ­+
  Production request ­+ ­+
  Priorities ­+
  Work order positions ­+ +
  Work order types ­+ ­+
  Custom status ­+
  Dynamic BOM and Routing according to version ­— +
  Resources master data + ­+
  Resources group + ­+
  Resources type + ­+
  Resources cost ­+
  Items link to routing positions ­+
  Valid dates for items in BOM +
  Issue for production + ­+
  Receipt from production + ­+
  Time receipts ­+
  Use QC during the production process ­+
  Alternative resources ­+
  Parallel resources ­+
  Tools in operations ­+
  External production control ­+
  Capacity planning ­+
  Alternative items for BOM ­+
  Work orders overview + ­+
  Create work order according ot customers' custom requirements ­+
  Multi-levels Bill of materials ­+
  Pool calculation and reports ­+
  Capable to Promise ­+


  Function ­SAP
  Warehouses ­+ ­+
  Bin Locations ­+ ­+
  Warehouse typtes (QC, ejected) ­+
  Batch Management + ­+
  Serial Number Management + ­+
  Automatic batch and serial number definition ­+
  Reservation ­+
  Allocation ­+
  Best Before Date / Expiry Date ­+
  Shelf Life ­+
  Warehouse rules ­+
  Full batch tracing ­+
  Batch transfer ­+
  Batch split ­+
  Mobile data collection ­+
  Label printing ­+
  MRP I ­+
  MRP II ­+