Produmex Manufacturing is a manufacturing resource management (MRP2) solution for small and midsize companies with the single concept of balancing supply and demand based on the combined availability of materials and capacity.

It is a certified, award-winning and globally available manufacturing solution for SAP Business One, and with over two hundred customers and many years of implementation and product development experience making it a solid solution with a mature feature and function set.

The core feature-set has been extended and improved in the past ten years to a level, where the system fully exploits the possibilities of SAP Business One. During the whole time the core functionality has been kept to a manageable size while the over complicated features have been avoided. From the beginning following SAP Business One concepts and paradigm, it was devised in a modular form and configurable using the SAP Business One configuration tools, such as user tables, user defined fields, SAP UI forms, user queries, and SAP DI API.




  • MRP2 with customizable fully automated resource scheduling;
  • Backward scheduling from required date, typical for delay management;
  • Parallel, overlapping, breakable operations; allocation windows, setup, job, before, after times all integrated with SAP Business One standard production orders;
  • Multi-dimensional resource scheduling: machines, skill matrix of labor, and tool availability;
  • Cost calculation for bills of materials and production orders; the results of all calculations are automatically stored and available for cost controlling analysis;
  • Mobile shop floor data capture and quality control via production data control
  • The capacity of manufacturing resources (machines, labour, tools) can be scheduled for an optimal performance to maximize the throughput;
  • Optimized resource usage improves cost efficient manufacturing and production quality;
  • Capturing shop floor production data makes possible monitoring bottlenecks and early detection of potential delays. Normative operation times can be adjusted and refined by analyzing PDC data. Quality control issues can be identified early in the production process and adjustments can be applied just in time;
  • Produmex Manufacturing’s main strength is fully configurable automated production resource scheduling, while manual rescheduling is also completely possible;
  • When the due dates of production orders are calculated by the Produmex Manufacturing MRP2 logic the available capacity of resources are taken into consideration; unlimited capacity resources are supported, too;
  • For longer manufacturing processes, purchase orders are scheduled at the beginning of the operations as opposed to the beginning of the entire production order.



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