If you have been keeping an eye on our visual identity, you probably noticed, that something has changed the past months.

Since our founding back in 1997 we have been adding many products with different branding and styles along the way. Last year we updated our corporate image and launched our new visual identity - and we decided also to look at how we wanted our products to be presented.

After the 2 mergers with Beas in 2016 and Produmex in 2018, our products had different logos, icons and colors and with some of them dating back many years, we felt it was the right time for a change. 

Our main goal was to unify and simplify our logos, while still identifying each product as part of Boyum IT. We wanted to find a new look that achieved those goals and to project a modern and professional image, that at the same time match our visual identity. 

Our design has been carefully considered to help re-enforce our corporate values. As you become more familiar with our visual identity, you will surely notice some common trends in the design. The result is a set of unique logos that still feel very related to each other. 

Besides updating the logo for Beas Manufacturing we also felt it was the perfect time to change the writing, as it always has caused confusion for everyone to write Beas without capital initial letter, like our other products, and we have officially retired the "beas with lowercase b" and other old variations.

Please help us communicate this update and ensure you are no longer using the old logos, but only use the approved logos to indicate your partnership with us and promote your business with Boyum IT. 

Otherwise, take the first steps in learning how our logos are used, or visit the inspiration page to have a high level overview of our vision.  These guidelines in our Style Guide ensure that Boyum logos are used appropriately.

We have already been rolling out the new logos in our brochures, websites, social media platforms, and we really hope you like the new look.

 If you have any questions or are in doubt, please reach out to marketing@slet-dette.boyum-it.com